City of Ironton (OH) Water Bills Can Be Paid Online

November 15, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -
The residents of the City of Ironton can now pay their water bills with ease by going to the City’s website and clicking a button. This will link them to the VIP Web Portal where they can pay their bill, view their bill, setup alerts, select paperless billing and schedule automatic payments.  

Go to the Ironton Tribune article here:  Water Bill Can Now Be Paid Online

Lawrence County (OH) Benefits With Implementation of VIP Software

November 9, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -
The Lawrence County Auditor is very pleased with the benefits the County is seeing with the their upgrade to the VIP Suite which includes Accounting, Payroll, Treasury Management, Departmental Time Entry, Departmental Purchasing and Analytics. “This new financial system establishes a much stronger financial foundation to enable each department in the county to deliver services to the residents of Lawrence County in a well-organized, professional, and fiscally responsible manner.”

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