VIP Analytics a Game Changer in Ohio Market

July 16, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

Many customers are implementing VIP Analytics to improve their budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting with real-time, instant information to all managers (not just financial decision makers). Over 25 sites have implemented Analytics and the list of future installs continues to grow.  For a recorded demo of Analytics email info@

City of Frankfort, KY selects Software Solutions and VIP

July 14, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

The City of Frankfort, KY decided not to upgrade their existing software; instead moving to Software Solutions’ VIP Suite of applications. They will be using VIP Accounting with Departmental Purchasing, VIP Analytics and VIP Asset Management throughout the City. Users will be taking advantage of the many workflows and efficiencies provided by these applications.

The City of New Philadelphia, Ohio choses VIP

July 12, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

The City of New Philadelphia, Ohio choses VIP Accounting with Departmental Purchasing and VIP Payroll. This feature-rich software allows the end-users to customize their screens through use of Dynamic Data Grids.


Ohio’s Libraries are choosing the VIP Software

July 12, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

Ohio’s Libraries are choosing the VIP Software to replace their legacy systems.  Many Ohio libraries are choosing the VIP Software Solution from SSI to replace their aging technology.  Major factors include the flexibility of the web based VIP products running on the power of Microsoft SQL.  Recent libraries making the switch include; Westerville Public Library, Greene County Public Library, Worthington Public Library, Stark County District Library, Dayton Metro Library, Muskingum County Library System, Westlake Porter Public Library, Warren Trumbull Public Library and others.

Want to learn more? Email us for a recorded demo of VIP:

Ransomware Attacks On The Rise

Lebanon, Ohio -
“Last year in 2016, ransomware attacks grew at a blistering pace. In total, SonicWall reports 638 million. That’s more than 167 times the number of attacks in 2015.  Beyond the staggering volume of the attacks, there’s the huge sums of money that individuals and organizations paid to (hopefully) get their files decrypted. Though it’s difficult to give a truly accurate total — not everyone hit by ransomware is keen to talk about such incidents — SonicWall’s report estimates that around $209 million in ransoms were paid in the first quarter of 2016 alone.  Here’s another alarming note from the report: less than half of victims who were attacked were able to fully recover their data. That indicates a couple of things. One is that you can’t always rely on ransomware to fully restore your files. The other is that it’s critically important to make sure that you have a bulletproof backup plan that’s actually backing up your files properly and storing them somewhere safe.”   (Forbes 2/7/17)
If you’ve not been in full hibernation this winter you’ve probably heard about ransomware attacks taking place on computer networks around the globe. Software Solutions is aware of at least 4 of our customers being hit by these ransomware attacks. Some critical things you need to do to protect yourself include a good antivirus solution and firewall as well as an off-site backup solution.

“Adding the on-line backup was the best money I ever spent with Software Solutions.” 

You run millions of dollars through your SSI Software applications. Don’t put yourself at risk; protect yourself the best you can! One customer hit by an attack commented. “Adding the Cloud Backup was the best money I ever spent with Software Solutions.” Additional information about our online backup solution can be found here. CloudBackup_Brochure.pdf.

VIP Analytics

May 30, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

VIP Analytics is a budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting tool that provides real-time and instant information to all managers. Approximately 50 users recently attended VIP Analytics seminar and they were wowed with the reporting features of this multi-functional and highly visual software. The new Visual Excel Designer was introduced allowing for virtually unlimited reporting capabilities.

With the ability to integrate to almost all ERP solutions, see and utilize your data like never before.

City of Norton, OH Live on VIP

May 25, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

VIP Accounting and Payroll Intelligent Data Grids provide the City of Norton’s users with customizable screens and the ability to export data to Microsoft Word and Excel or HTML, PDF and other formats. This web-based enterprise resource planning suite of applications provides end-users the tools they need for efficient and accurate data processing.

Exciting News for Software Solutions Utility Billing Customers

May 22, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

As Software Solutions continues to roll out VIP Utility Billing, we continue to add new features and functionality:

  • The VIP Web Portal is a robust eBilling and credit card payment solution that provides customer self-service and improved communications between Utility Billing offices and their customers. Customers are provided many ways to pay including via the web, phone call or text.
  • Software Solutions has teamed with a GIS partner to allow for mobile work orders to integrate to ESRI’s Workforce solution. This project also includes advanced GIS integration to utility infrastructure, putting pertinent information in the hands of field staff.

City of Massillon, OH has Migrated VIP Applications

May 18, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

The City of Massillon, Ohio, is now live on VIP Accounting, Payroll, Departmental Purchasing, and Dashboards. The City upgraded from eGov Accounting and Payroll. The dynamic workflows allow the City to manage processes, automate tasks and produces the results they need.

Software Solutions Online Support Site is Launched

May 15, 2017 / 
Lebanon, Ohio -

Software Solutions has a new online Support Center. Customers may log in to create a support ticket and see exclusive content in the form of SSI Academy courses, Knowledge Base articles, checklists and other documentation.

The SSI Academy offers many training videos and training documentation to assist our users with optimizing their use of VIP and EGOV software applications.

Other features of the Support Center include a calendar of upcoming events and the ability to register for webinars and conferences.