Cloud Back-ups Become a Critical

March 27, 2020 / 

With ransomware attacks and natural disasters becoming more common, redundant back-ups are a priority. An off-site, cloud back-up solution is imperative to reduce risk of data loss. Don’t take a chance on losing data and becoming another news story. Join many other government entities with this added piece of mind within your operations.

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Regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak

March 20, 2020 / 

The outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting families and businesses across the country. Employers across industries are in a challenging position and are no doubt figuring out how to navigate the situation as it changes every day. To help you stay informed on the impact to your people and your business, Software Solutions is closely monitoring any new or updated state and federal legislation that may become effective as a response.

Be assured that Software Solutions stands ready to serve our clients while protecting the health and safety of our team members. Years ago, we developed a plan that incorporated the technology necessary to allow our entire team to work 100% remotely without any disruption in service, so it was easy to pivot to a remote operation. That operation is in full effect, and we look forward to continuing to support our clients in every way possible through this crisis and beyond.

We urge everyone to follow the guidance issued by the CDC, the World Health Organization, and your local and state officials. Stay safe and be well.

Al Ferguson