City of Louisville, Ohio

“Software Solutions kept the transition from our old system to their new system easy and on schedule.” – Jina Turowski, Finance Director, City of Louisville, Ohio

LouisvilleWhen the City of Louisville, Ohio decided to transition to Software Solutions, Jina Turowski, Finance Director, admits that the perceived event was “a world of unknown, because we hadn’t done that in 15 years.” Jina explains that Software Solutions made it very easy. “We still had anxiety, but they kept us on schedule. They would come and spend the entire day with us, training as many users as we asked. By the end of the day, we felt like we were 10 steps ahead, and we would feel so confident. They pushed to keep our deadline. The switch was incredible. They had the vision.”

“Every day we find something new it can do…we feel spoiled with the personalization capabilities that the Software Solutions product give us.”

Even though the City of Louisville is a relatively new user, they have found the Intelligent Data Grids feature within Visual Intelligence Portfolio (VIP) helped personalize the software. The new software gives them almost limitless capabilities to slice and dice their data. “Everyday we find something new it can do!” states Jina. “We feel spoiled with the personalization capabilities that the Software Solutions product gives us.” Jina explains that the Grids were a completely new concept for them – before, their reports were limited. By using Grids, they can personalize each report; see everything or just specific items for a report. Additionally, the report can be exported into MS Excel® in any format they choose, without manually printing out the report and re-entering the data into Excel®.

They are equally impressed with other capabilities of VIP – the web based software suite allows them to access their information from any web device including smartphones and tablets. With the email alerts within the software, they can be notified when they have a workflow item in their queue that needs attention. This creates efficiency and keeps productivity moving along in the city.

“When you call, it feels like you are talking to someone who has had the same problem… they are very patient, very kinds, and explain until we understand…”

Jina has found that not only is the software user friendly, but the staff at Software Solutions is as well. “We are regular callers to the support staff since we are new,” confesses Jina. “When you call, it feels like you are talking to someone who has had the same problem. They are very patient, very kind and explain the fix until we understand – even if it is the third time we’ve asked!”

The reason for choosing Software Solutions was twofold. Initially, the City realized that their servers needed replaced, and that by remaining with their current software, the fixed cost would be an issue. Secondly, Software Solutions products could be personalized and includes upgrades for no extra license fee. The standard product was exactly what they needed. The user friendly product adapts to whomever is using it; payroll clerks, finance directors, accounting or accounts payable clerks. “One of the best parts of the project was that Software Solutions had converted so many customers from our old software vendor that they were able to convert 5 years of our legacy data without having to ask for assistance from our previous vendor. It was like getting a new state of the art computer software system but with five years of our old data already in it for lookup and analysis without us doing a thing!”

Jina explains that the City is excited for the new Utility and Budgeting modules, soon to be implemented at the city. They know the transition will be easy, and that the modules will allow them to continue to increase efficiencies with the use of the VIP Software.