Visual Intelligence Portfolio

is a comprehensive software platform designed for Cities, Counties, Libraries, Park Districts, Water Districts, and other public sector districts and agencies.


Designed with the end user in mind, our Accounting system provides the data you need for critical management decision-making.


The VIP Payroll system is relied upon by our clients to pay hundreds of thousands of employees timely and accurately. The intuitive interface helps you get this crucial task done right the first time.

Utility Billing

Used at agencies billing from 500 to 80,000 customers monthly. Our utility billing products are a complete solution that are powerful enough to to handle multifaceted electricity billing as well as simple flat billing.


One of the most effective budgeting tools on the market for local governments. Works with the VIP Software Suite or any other ERP system you may utilize.

“Software Solutions develops products that are helpful to government entities in providing cost effective and efficient services to better serve the communities they represent.” – Gayle Spangler, Finance Director, Circleville, Ohio