Analytics provides all of the additional value you crave in your current ERP system. From custom dashboard and reporting functions to forecasting and budget workflow, Analytics is the tool you need to analyze data and help you make more informed decisions. Best of all, VIP Analytics can be configured to integrate with any ERP system.

Budget Workflow

  • Create budget worksheets and requests on the fly
  • Manage your personnel budgeting; quickly enter increase percentages, pension and benefits changes and immediately see the overall impact on your budget
  • Gather departmental budgets into one comprehensive data set; export to Excel and share as needed


  • Custom alerts let you know when you are nearing budget limitations
  • Customize view by adding the columnar information you want to see
  • Graphical displays including thermometers, charts, graphs and dials


  • Create custom reports utilizing data sets that you specify
  • Payroll reporting including accrual details by department or by employee
  • Easily change dates to report on a different time period other than current
  • Drill down on reports to view detailed source data


  • Forecast revenue and expenses for up to 10 years
  • Secure selected fields from being modified
  • Easily determine origination of modifications

“It’s great that Software Solutions is employee-owned. They have a say in their jobs and want to do their jobs well because they see the end result. It benefits the city because they are trustworthy and speedy in getting back to us.” – Angela Eck, Clerk Treasurer, Butler, Indiana