VIP Payroll

The VIP Payroll system is relied upon by our clients to pay hundreds of thousands of employees timely and accurately. The intuitive interface helps you get this crucial task done right the first time.

Payroll Processing

Customize the time entry process to your specifications; process direct deposits with a single click.

Pension Reporting

Every pension agency has precise contribution and reporting requirements. VIP can handle it.

Distributed Time Entry

Organization-wide workflows for time entry and approvals.

Employee Self Service

Put essential wage, check, and other payroll details into the hands of your staff.

Dashboards and Analytics

Provide a visual analysis to every manager and decision maker at the level they need.

“This payroll system is so much more efficient, saving hours in a payroll week. The ability to drill down through screens, to see what you’re looking for, to change things as you go and to go back to where you started with virtually just a couple of clicks of the mouse is phenomenal. Reporting and exporting into different formats, such as excel, gives the finance department flexibility in how they reports look and feel. They can be tailored to your management’s preference.” – Kelly Hephner, Finance Director, Montpelier, Ohio