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About Software Solutions, Inc.


We, at Software Solutions, Inc., are passionate about providing the best accounting and financial software solutions for local governments and utilities. Having served this specialized sector since 1978, we understand the unique demands and challenges you face. That's why we built our comprehensive software suite from the ground up, catering specifically to your needs. We are a 100% employee-owned company, which fosters a culture of teamwork and collaboration that translates into excellent product development and customer service.


Product Focus

Our software suite includes all the essential modules for you to have efficient financial management, such as cloud-based accounting, budgeting, accounts payable automation, payroll and human resources, employee self-service, and utility billing. You need ERP software for the public sector, and we have top-tier, scalable products that will help improve your financial operations. Here is a list of our current products, all of which can be hosted on VIP Cloud:


Industry Knowledge

Our expertise comes from two fronts: deep industry knowledge and exceptional customer service. Our team is filled with public sector veterans who've walked in your shoes, having extensive real-world experience in the public sector. They translate their hands-on experience into software that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and adheres to relevant regulations. This ensures that our software is not only feature-rich, but also designed to address the specific workflows and regulations of local governments and utilities. We even utilize our industry knowledge to publish blog posts and support articles that answer real questions you have.


Customer Service

Software Solutions, Inc. is known for our exceptional customer service. We use a state-of-the-art call tracking system to ensure that every customer request is recorded and routed to the appropriate resource. Our 99% customer satisfaction rate is a testament to our commitment to your success. We resolve most tickets within 4 hours, a lightning-fast standard in the industry. 


Integration & Onboarding

Our software modules are fully integrated and designed with a consistent look and feel. This makes it easy for you to learn and navigate the overall system. We also provide you top-tier onboarding and training to ensure you are comfortable and confident using the software before you go live. This minimizes disruption and maximizes the return on investment.


Community Involvement

We are actively involved in giving back to our community through volunteering, philanthropy, and professional development initiatives. We have participated in an array of volunteering opportunities, fundraising events, donation campaigns, and recycling initiatives. 



Software Solutions was awarded an Ohio Success Award in 2022. Every year, Ohio Business Magazine throws a spotlight on thriving Ohio businesses, non-profits, and government agencies through the Ohio Success Awards. This prestigious recognition goes to organizations that have not only seen impressive growth in revenue and employee numbers, but also actively contribute to their local communities and excel within their respective industries.


Preferred Partners

Cleargov logo

We've partnered with ClearGov to bring you cloud-based transparency, strategic planning, and budgeting software. To schedule a demo or find out more, go here. To view a webinar, go here.


We've partnered with Right Stuff Software to bring you advanced timekeeping and scheduling systems, specifically designed for government agencies. To schedule a demo, go here.




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