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The VIP Payroll and HR system was created to handle the specialized payroll, pension, and human resource needs of the public sector. It is relied upon by our clients to pay hundreds of thousands of employees timely and accurately. The intuitive interface helps you get this crucial task done right the first time.

VIP Payroll

Flexible, scalable, and easy to use. Time card entry and payroll processing in just a few clicks. Developed by subject matter experts. Supported by a world-class team. Designed with you in mind.


Payroll Processing

• Customize the time entry process to your specifications

• Create default time cards

• Import time from Excel file

• Create multiple period types

• Direct Deposit file created with a single click for immediate export to bank


Comprehensive Reporting

• Pension Reporting

• Export any data grid to create custom reports in Excel, Word, PDF, and more

• Use report tags to group non-sequential accounts for custom reporting


Departmental Time Entry

• Remote login from anywhere

• Role-based security makes it easy to assign secure access

• Customized workflow for time entry and approvals


Deduction Processing

• Manages both employee and employer deductions

• Quarterly reporting and filing

• Deactivate deductions as needed


Dashboard & Analytics

• Provides key metrics and data specific to individual users

• Provides transparency and easy access to decision-makers


Personnel Budgeting

• Mass changes for pay raises or deduction changes

• What-if scenarios during the budget process using the personnel budgeting tool in VIP Analytics

employee portal

Employee Administration

• Set up job defaults for easy creation of new employee records

• Direct deposit emails to employees

• Encryption to protect sensitive data

• Add job codes to wages to track job costing

vip cloud

Complete Integration to VIP Accounting

• Post wages and employer matching without additional journal entries

• Payroll Clearing Fund integrates liability to the general ledger

• Validate cash and budget prior to posting


Year-End Process

• Complete control of W-2 printing

• Reprint year-end information as needed

• Multiple periods can be open so processing can continue

This payroll system is so much more efficient, saving hours in a payroll week. The ability to drill down through screens, to see what you’re looking for, to change things as you go, and to go back to where you started with virtually just a couple of clicks of the mouse is phenomenal. Reporting and exporting into different formats, such as excel, give the finance department flexibility in how the reports look and feel. They can be tailored to your management’s preference.
Kelly Hephner
Finance Director, Montpelier, Ohio
Learning the new software didn’t pose much of a challenge. Training on VIP Finance and Payroll was not a big deal, it’s very intuitive software and very easy to use. I’d make the switch again in a moment.
Warren-Trumbull Public Library, Ohio
Having most of our departments entering their own payroll really put us at ease. Knowing if there was a time we couldn’t come into the office, that payroll could easily be processed from home was a huge relief.
Megan Bursley
Deputy Auditor, Huron County, Ohio

VIP Employee Portal

Employees have fast, anywhere access to their personal payroll information. Reduce phone calls and requests to the payroll department by putting these features directly into the hands of your staff.


View Essential Information

• Pay Stubs securely posted on your schedule

• Tax Forms such as W-2’s available with no intervention by the payroll team

• Reduce paper and mailing costs


Time-Off Requests

• Accrual balance for each accrual type can be viewed at a glance

• Employees can enter time-off requests

• Requests go into a configured workflow for review and approval

• Requests can be viewed in a calendar format


News & Info Portal

• Post news or links to timely articles or forms that need to be brought to employees’ attention

• Perfect for posting event news, benefits announcements, enrollment forms, and much more

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The remote entry capability for the outside offices to enter their own payroll and payment requests is a great help in efficiency and cutting back redundancy.

Chris Sycks
Auditor, Coshocton County, OH

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We’ve spent decades perfecting a comprehensive human capital management system that meets the unique needs of the public sector. Contact us today to find out how you can save time and money on this essential function with the help of the Visual Intelligence Portfolio (VIP).

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