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Enhanced Utility Billing

for Boone County Water District






SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Utility Billing
VIP Web Portal
VIP Work Orders



Nicole S., the Office Manager at Boone County Water District in Kentucky, faced a common challenge in the public utility sector: a need for modernized software. With 19 years of experience in various roles within the company, Nicole recognized the need for a more versatile solution to address their evolving needs. The initial company goal was evident: to modernize operations and improve efficiency while navigating the challenges of transitioning to new software.

The consequences of sticking with legacy software were evident in the constraints it imposed on operations. Timing was a critical factor, as shutting down the system for a changeover would disrupt essential services. Additionally, concerns about training and the learning curve associated with adopting a new platform added to the hesitations about embracing new software.



Despite the challenges, Boone County Water District trusted Software Solutions, which provided a foundation for their decision to continue with the company. However, the implementation and training process presented its own set of obstacles, particularly due to the District's size and the customizations in its existing system.

Despite the initial hurdles, the positive experiences with Customer Support stood out as a highlight of their journey. The knowledge and support provided by the Software Solutions team played a crucial role in navigating the challenges effectively.



The results and benefits of using Software Solutions' VIP software were evident in the increased versatility it offered. Despite the initial goal of modernizing operations, Boone County Water District found themselves utilizing parts of the software for unexpected purposes, further enhancing their operational capabilities.

Nicole's words of advice for others in similar roles emphasize the importance of patience, asking questions, and paying attention throughout the transition process. These qualities are essential for successfully navigating the challenges and maximizing the benefits of adopting new software in the public utility sector.

Boone County Water District's experience with Software Solutions reflects the transformative impact of modern software in addressing the challenges faced by public utilities. Despite initial hurdles, their commitment to embracing change and leveraging the support provided by Software Solutions enabled them to achieve their goals and unlock new levels of efficiency and versatility in their operations.

All of my experiences with Customer Support are positive... their knowledge is amazing.
Nicole S.
Office Manager

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