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Balancing Tasks

with the City of Tallmadge, Ohio




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$29 million

System Replaced

Civica CMI

SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounting
VIP Analytics
VIP Payroll
VIP Utility Billing
VIP Web Portal



The city of Tallmadge was experiencing difficulties with their processes and their software partnership. When they received calls asking about invoices and POs, it wasn’t easy to find accurate information within the software. When the financial office had questions over software capabilities, or if they had a problem with the system, they struggled to reach the support team. It wasn’t uncommon for them to contact support, then wait days before receiving a call back.



When the city was ready for a different partnership, they had a few goals the new software provider had to meet. When it came to the support team, the city of Tallmadge needed to get a timely response back to their tickets and inquiries. Preferably, the support team would reach back out within the same business day. The software itself needed to be more intuitive, and they wanted easier paths to access their information. The software also needed to reduce the manual processes to save the employees time, and reduce the rekeying needed to input and balance information.



The city of Tallmadge switched from Civica CMI to the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP) suite to modernize their office. They implemented VIP Accounting, VIP Payroll, VIP Utility Billing, VIP Analytics, and VIP Web Portal. These solutions automated their check clearing process, created accurate and transparent accounting records, and unified the organization’s departments. Overall, their office became a modern office that was a competitive workplace when attracting new talent. Some other benefits they found included:

  • VIP Accounting’s grids created an easy way to drill down into the history and specifics of the accounts.

  • The support team was prompt when answering calls and responding to tickets. Most tickets are responded to and closed within the same business day.

The city of Tallmadge is very happy with their Software Solutions partnership and their relationship with the support team. With all their goals now met, they are experiencing new efficiencies and their day-to-day tasks have never been easier.

With our old system it would sometimes take days for the customer support team to call us back, so we decided to make a change.
Terry Livergood
Accounts Payable
It's so easy to find anything and look up anything.
Terry Livergood
Accounts Payable
I used to have to clear every single check by hand. Now, you download a file from the bank and upload it into VIP. The system automatically balances it and there's no mistakes. That saved a lot of time.
Terry Livergood
Accounts Payable

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