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What Others Think of Us

VIP has created significant efficiency in my organization. Having the ability for electronic workflows has increased our turnaround times from a week to one day. VIP has also made the audit process much easier as the auditor can have direct access to the software and SSI has created preferred audit trail reports for testing.
Emily F.
MidPointe Library Systems
The integration from our old data to VIP was simple and accurate. VIP offers more functions and protections than our old system. It's much more difficult to make simple mistakes that were often made with our last system. VIP is very user friendly and we love the new functions that make our data more accessible to our auditors.
Patti W.
Village of Minerva
What I like most about VIP is how there is so many reports that are available to you when it comes to vendor payments, payroll, and accounts. The support line is also a great help. The employees there are so nice and willing to help you out anytime. I couldn't do my job without them.
Arica W.
City of Van Wert
Great product with the best customer service... We were one of the first to go live as a County Government in 2013 and it was fairly seamless. We had great support and they listen to our needs and suggestions for future developments... The system works great for all aspects of our County.
Martha S.
Licking County
I love how user friendly VIP is and being able to customize the grids to your preference is great. I really can't think of anything VIP is missing right now. As we think of things that could be helpful we put requests in. SSI has multiple updates each year that adds a lot of the requests from users. Their team is very responsive to what the users ask for!
Nikki U.
Village of Montpelier
Being able to access your data at your fingertips including attached supporting documentation is one of the biggest plusses in VIP. VIP is doing the same processes in less steps as many of those processes are automated. Also, with the use of imports, we have saved a lot of time on data entry on payroll, payment requests and year end processing. Being able to work remotely has been a big benefit with VIP as well.
Greg K.
Lawrence County
We wanted to update to allow for remote departmental use and to have a paperless workflow system... We didn't look elsewhere. We knew SSI was a top notch company with great service as we had been using a previous product for about 10 years.
Chris K.
Lawrence County
VIP is an easy to use software that has really streamlined the process in which the county processes payroll and pays bills. VIP has been a great asset to Lawrence County. All of our departments seem to be very happy using it. We have a couple departments that are located pretty far away from our offices that are always eager to tell us how they are happy with the switch.
Parker R.
Lawrence County
The ability to drill down into the detail and move seamlessly through the system is key to what we were looking for when we selected Software Solutions VIP. Ease of use and consistency between the various modules make the software intuitive. Integration of the software into our processes was not difficult.
Cindy S.
City of Oakwood
The user interface is very user-friendly. The "grid" layout is consistent between different functions, making it very easy to get used to navigating the system. The software is also tuned very well for government fund accounting. The implementation team was very thorough in helping us to understand how the system functionality would slot into our existing processes, and where we may be able to change and improve those processes.
Matt B.
City of Rittman
I like the payroll or Human Resource module the best. The software time entry and payroll processing is easy to use and the reports are easy to manage. I look forward to obtaining the new time entry module through the VIP Employee Portal... We have been very satisfied with each module. The software is easy to use, and the product support is wonderful.
Marlena A.
Village of Delta
VIP is very easy to navigate, drill down features make researching very simple, copying feature is a great time saver especially for journaling and entering requisitions, corrections are easily fixable, and option to open new month and still continue to make adjustments in previous month is helpful especially during busy months and when end of month time is limited.
Maggie O.
City of Independence
We love VIP! Ease of use, simplified, and great customer service!
Caylee R.
Village of Elida
The product is easy to use. Customer service or tech support is convenient to reach and returns calls promptly.
Celestina W.
City of Brooklyn
The customer service reps respond quickly. They are patient, friendly and they are there to help you.
Megan V.
City of Tallmadge
Everything in the system is pretty much the same. Very consistent. You can work in one module and never work in another module but still be able to perform in the new module because of the consistency across the entire system.
Tinita T.
City of Maple Heights
I like the web based features and worksheet functions... it is quicker to process payrolls & the support staff is extremely helpful and patient with me.
Karen S.
Marion County
Reduced paper trails and increased transparency. Workflows within the system eliminate lost paper approvals. Attachments within the system lend to less filing and file maintenance. Research is faster when source documents are linked to the entries for those documents.
Kim B.
City of Riverside
Love the workflows, paperless environments, ability for all departments to be able to run reports and or review grids to get information they need. The workflows provide internal controls in the purchasing process that are seamless after they are set up. We have had great results in training new staff on VIP in the area of creating requisitions and paying invoices. Our auditors didn't have to come on-site for our most recent audit as they were able to access so much of our information using VIP! We can import payroll from our timekeeping software. Customer service is AMAZING!
Teri M.
Beavercreek Township
Implementation and training has been a great experience. The training staff has been so patient and so helpful during the whole process. The SSI implementation team and support staff work together to make the software work best for each customer based on your company needs... SSI has always provided us with excellent and dependable support. With the growth of the City over the years and our trust in SSI, the purchase and implementation to The VIP Suite was the best option for our City.
Rebecca E.
City of Columbiana
My transition into payroll specialist for the county I work for was not one where the previous individual I was taking over for stayed and trained with me to make the transition smooth. The support staff with VIP has been incredibly helpful with any support ticket I have entered and have essentially trained me in my new position. Once learning how the software works, it is easy to navigate the system. I have just started using the knowledge base on the support site and it is highly useful for the many questions and issues that come up in this new position I am in.
Anne G.
Highland County
Software Solutions did a great job with our conversion, and we had a smooth transition to their VIP Suite. Our efficiency has improved greatly by allowing departments to enter requisitions, and we now have better reports and more information at our fingertips.
Steve D.
City of Frankfort
I love the level of support that comes with the software. A lot of companies don’t offer Software Solutions’ level of customer support. The software was easy to learn and after the implementation team walked me through the steps once, I was able to complete my tasks on the software.
Brenda D.
Mahoning Valley Sanitary District
The support to us was crucial and Software Solutions’ support team is phenomenal. The implementation went very well. I’m very glad we made the change. It’s worth making the switch. Don’t hesitate.”
Kevin S.
Mill Creek Metroparks
Everything is at my fingertips; can be set up to access from any location; able to add a lot of info and notes in employee files; quicker payroll processing than prior software; can customize reports and grids; easy to pay invoices; good support; good instructions/reference tools on website; after a phone call with support, they send a summary email of what they helped with so you can save for future reference; can eliminate paper processing by using workflow.
Elizabeth B.
City of Medina
I enjoy the ease of using VIP and integrating from one section of software into a different section and setting up page columns to individual specifications. The support integrating from E-Gov to VIP was extremely helpful and important... Ease, speed, support system, and employees have made working with VIP pleasant
Stephanie M.
Village of Delta
VIP streamlined our processes... Requisition and Payment request through VIP has made our bill paying process so much more efficient... VIP has saved us so much time in the payment request process. Our departments have expressed how much they like VIP and our workflows.
Mandy C.
Knox County
With Analytics I was able to find, change, and update our financial statements within an hour or so.  Analytics saved me a day of work, which is more than likely the amount of time I would have had to spend to just locate where the error was without it.
Jim C.
Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District
I love VIP and the staff at Software Solutions are always helpful and willing to walk me through new scenarios if necessary. 
Dylan M.
Portsmouth Public Library
VIP has made us substantially more efficient, allows us to use less paper, and cuts down on clerical errors. The grids are very useful and make it very easy to find any transaction by using the filters vs. having to run a long report as we had to in the past.
Randy G.
Mercer County
I like the VIP software. It is very helpful with Payroll and other reports... I use the grids for many reports. It is easy to get around in the software.
Nikki S.
City of Ashland
We have been working with the SSI team on the new employee portal time entry. The ability they have to listen to suggestions, understand our needs, and make changes to the module has made this such a rewarding experience. I can’t thank SSI enough for consistently striving to improve their products and keep up with the growing needs of their customers.
Pam W.
City of Louisville
I consider the support to be top notch. I put on the request if it is urgent and I feel that the response time is more than adequate. A call back same day or first thing the next day is great service.
Jill H.
Brown County