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Why Software Solutions?

The Best ERP Software for Local Governments and other Public Agencies


Highly-Rated Customer Service

You are swamped at work managing your operations. You don't have time to waste!  Many of our customer tickets are solved in under 2 hours, and the majority are solved the same day. Our customer satisfaction score (CSAT) has been over 99% since 2017. That means when customers call in for help, we solve their problems quickly and successfully. Many SSI employees have worked in the public sector in the past and speak your language.


Best Local Government Software

Most of your processes might be on paper. That gets confusing, disorganized, and tedious. By utilizing our VIP software, its workflows, its tight integration to Excel, and its cloud-based security and data backup, your office can see a positive transformation of your operations. We have a team of developers who work tirelessly to create and maintain the best financial software for local governments, utility companies, libraries, and park departments.


Detailed Implementation Process

We care about your success. That's why we enact a detailed implementation process. First, we provide a data conversion that migrates individual records from your old system to the new one. We then put you in a virtual classroom to complete training courses. After that, you play in a sandbox test environment and complete an internship with our implementation consultants. Finally, your VIP software goes live and you can improve your financial operations dramatically. 


Our Employees Are Financial Experts

Many of our employees come from the public sector in roles just like yours. When we started providing ERP software in 1978, we committed ourselves to creating and implementing technologies that assist the public sector in overcoming their daily challenges. Our enthusiasm has never wavered, and today we still guide our clients to success through our financial software, our support, our professional services, and our unmatched team of professionals.





Our customers from across the country frequently tell us that we make it “impossible to fail.” The SSI support community is made up of people who have been in your shoes. Former State Auditors, Finance Directors, Utility Directors, Payroll Managers, Clerks, and others are ready to help you succeed.


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