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Cloud to the Rescue 

with the City of Whitehall, Ohio




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System Replaced

Civica CMI

SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounting
VIP Asset Management
VIP Departmental Purchasing
VIP Payroll
VIP Employee Portal
VIP Departmental Time Entry



The City of Whitehall, Ohio, found itself in a dire situation following a cyberattack over a holiday weekend. Perpetrated by foreign nationals, the attack resulted in a ransom demand, which the city opted not to fulfill. Despite the IT Department's efforts to contain the breach, sensitive data was compromised, leading to a complete shutdown of operations for a week. This unexpected halt in productivity had significant repercussions, requiring additional resources and several weeks of effort to regain lost ground. The city's reliance on in-house servers to host critical software systems proved to be a vulnerability, highlighting the need for a more resilient infrastructure.



In the aftermath of the cyberattack, the primary goal for the City of Whitehall was to ensure the continuity of operations and enhance its cybersecurity measures. Recognizing the limitations of their existing setup, city officials sought to transition to a more secure and flexible environment. Specifically, they aimed to migrate their software systems to a Cloud-based platform, enabling remote access and mitigating the risk of future disruptions. However, concerns lingered regarding the migration process and the integrity of data during the transition.



To address their challenges and achieve their goals, the City of Whitehall turned to Software Solutions, a trusted provider of municipal software solutions. With Software Solutions' expertise and comprehensive suite of Cloud-based products, including VIP Accounting, Asset Management, Purchasing, Payroll, Employee Portal, and Departmental Time Entry, the city embarked on a seamless transition to the Cloud environment. The implementation process was smooth, with Software Solutions providing a sandbox environment for users to ensure data integrity and familiarize themselves with the new system. Additionally, the exceptional customer support offered by Software Solutions ensured a smooth transition and ongoing assistance for any issues that arose. With the successful implementation of Cloud-based solutions, the City of Whitehall has not only overcome the challenges posed by the cyberattack but also positioned itself for enhanced efficiency and productivity in its financial management processes.

"Customer Support has been attentive to our needs and issues. And I don't have to intervene or advocate on behalf of our Users...The cloud environment is ultimately faster and safer to use and you may reap some other benefits from it."
Steven Q.
City Auditor

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