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Improving Payroll

with the City of University Heights, Ohio








System Replaced


SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounting
VIP Analytics
VIP Payroll



The city of University Heights could no longer live with the problems caused by their 3rd-party payroll vendor. The office of 160 employees felt the partnership was not working out the way they were promised or had hoped. Having to complete their pension reports manually was taking too much time and the support questions that came up took too long to be resolved. Payroll was too important and time-sensitive to not get the quick responses they needed.

On top of that, they were tired of using excel for data tracking and reporting. Broken formulas and double-entry errors were impossible to guard against. They wanted an integrated solution to help them process everything they needed in one place, and a partner that would respond to their support questions in a timely manner.



The city of University Heights wanted to make their processes easier for their employees. They knew the first place to look was at software that could help save time on employees’ reporting and financial tasks. They knew their old system and third party integrations were a major factor in why their day-to-day tasks had efficiency gaps and standstills, so their new system needed to be more intuitive with their processes and more modern for a smooth data flow. The software had to be easier to use and information needed to be easily referenced within the system. Overall, they needed better access to their data for decision-making, they wanted to reduce wasted time, and they wanted to have a better audit trail of their records in the system.

They also were looking to change pieces of their processes completely. After difficulties with the system and support team from their payroll provider, payroll needed to be brought back in-house. This meant the payroll processes needed to integrate well into the other changes taking place.



The city of University Heights looked into Software Solutions Inc. as a payroll software partner. They did their research and watched presentations. To further help with their decision, they were invited to attend Software Solution's user conference to see first-hand how the software would work with their processes. They also verified the support team would be easy to reach with no additional support fees for reaching out. After viewing everything in action, and taking inventory of how the change would affect their processes, they decided to switch to the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP). From the suite, they implemented VIP Accounting, VIP Analytics, and VIP Payroll. Together, the solutions could organize and store their data in a way that improved the team’s efficiency. Extra benefits they experienced included:

  • SSI grabbed the needed data files and converted them without the help from the old vendor to save the city time and money.

  • Integrated pension reporting capabilities and automated time entry features.

  • Built-in budgetary and forecasting tools provide a complete financial picture for the city.

When implementation was complete, the city of University Heights had a modern office with their payroll back in-house. All of their goals were met, and the partnership with their provider exceeded their expectations.

Before VIP it took me 2 days to complete pension reports. Now it only takes me an hour and a half.”
Denise Balint
Finance Associate
I highly recommend SSI to anyone.
Denise Balint
Finance Associate

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