Going Beyond Software

Software is only part of the story.

You don’t get too many chances to select the major partners that will be key to your success.  Make sure that you are selecting a partner that checks off all the boxes for this long-term business relationship. Your team will thank you.

Honors the truth and employs scrupulous business practices

Understands that change is hard

Has a solid strategy to help your staff embrace change

Has a team of experienced local government professionals who can speak your language

Respects your unique challenges and addresses them head-on

Solicits customer feedback and incorporates it into new product development

Has a proven track record of excellence in the industry

Provides secure, modern solutions to help you prepare for the future



At Software Solutions, we know that you need a partner that not only provides fantastic software but can back it up every day with world-class service and support. It’s what we do best.


Reliable customer support changes everything.


The market is flooded with overpriced, inefficient software, unacceptable implementation surprises, and dreadfully long help-ticket wait times. The same providers who promise you the world are also the ones who seem to forget to call you back.

Why does it feel so hard to find the help you need?

Software Solutions is all about enabling you and your organization to be successful. Imagine what it would be like if you and your team not only had a software that you loved but also the support that empowered you to thrive.

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