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A User-Friendly Solution

for Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District




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System Replaced

Civica CMI

SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounting
VIP Analytics
VIP Asset Management
VIP Cloud
VIP Departmental Purchasing
VIP General Billing
VIP Utility Billing



Karen M., an Accounting Assistant at the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, faced significant challenges with their previous financial software. The system was outdated and cumbersome to use, with poor customer service adding to the frustration. "That system was old and very difficult to use. Their customer service was terrible if you have a problem, it seemed like a huge lag time until it was resolved," related Karen.

Processing invoices involved a laborious manual process, compounded by the District's expansive spread across multiple counties. The consequences were evident in the time-consuming nature of tasks, leading to inefficiencies and frustration among staff members.




The goal was clear: find a user-friendly software solution that could streamline processes and offer real-time insights into budgets and expenditures.

The hesitations about transitioning to new software were understandable, given the potential disruption and learning curve involved. However, the promise of a more efficient system outweighed the concerns. Software Solutions came onto their radar through proactive engagement, with a sales representative periodically checking in. The decision to choose Software Solutions was influenced by their comprehensive offerings, intuitive interface, and, notably, the superior level of customer service observed during demos and interactions.

Implementation and training were crucial phases of the transition process. Despite the inherent challenges of such transitions, the District found the process to be relatively smooth. The support provided by Software Solutions, including onsite training and dedicated personnel, helped instill confidence among staff members. Positive experiences with Customer Support further bolstered their confidence in the chosen solution, with quick response times and effective resolution of any issues.



The benefits of adopting Software Solutions' software were transformative for the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. The new system significantly reduced processing time for accounts payable, streamlined workflows, and provided real-time visibility into financial data. The transition to cloud-based solutions also alleviated burdens on the IT department, while analytics tools facilitated more informed budgeting decisions. Unexpected bonus benefits, such as improved vendor payment timelines and reduced duplicate work, further underscored the value of the software.

Becky O., the Finance Specialist at the District, echoed the sentiment of success with Software Solutions. The transition not only addressed the immediate need for a more efficient AP processing system but also paved the way for additional improvements in AR management and budget analytics. The implementation process, supported by Software Solutions' expertise and responsive customer support, instilled confidence in the decision and set the stage for ongoing success.

In conclusion, the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District's experience with Software Solutions exemplifies the transformative impact of modern financial software in public sector organizations. By addressing challenges with outdated systems and prioritizing user-friendly solutions with robust support, the District achieved significant efficiency gains and positioned itself for continued success in financial management.

For public sector organizations facing similar challenges, the key takeaway is clear: investing in modern software solutions tailored to their needs can yield substantial benefits in terms of efficiency, transparency, and overall effectiveness in financial management. Taking the plunge, supported by proactive engagement with trusted vendors like Software Solutions, can lead to tangible improvements and long-term success in serving the community's needs.

Customer Support is fantastic. All of the associates are quick to respond and resolve any issues that arise. It is great that you speak with the same core group of people every time you need help.
Becky O.
Finance Specialist
I can see everything I need to in the system online at any time. I can guide other users to do the same. Our processing time was cut in half using VIP.
Karen M.
Accounting Assistant

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