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Bank Reconciliation

with the City of Euclid, Ohio








System Replaced

New World ERP - Tyler Technologies

SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounting
VIP Payroll
VIP Analytics
VIP Asset Management



The City of Euclid was quickly outgrowing their excel spreadsheet bank reconciliation process. It took hours to complete, there was double entry of data, broken formulas, and lack of clarity. By the end of the process they had information compiled at the cost of the office’s time and energy. In the meantime, other departments were waiting on answers to their financial questions, and purchasing materials had to wait for the financials to be completed. With the city’s growth came a need to have accurate and transparent data to prevent standstills on purchase orders.

A change had to be made to move the city forward.



The City of Euclid wanted to make the most of business hours and have better data readily available to the city offices and their counterparts. This included limiting or even eliminating the use of external spreadsheets so all their data would be in one place, their software. Their information needed to be easier to reference so internal and external departments could stay up-to-date with their balances, and the city could grow when needed, not at the pace of manual data entry. If possible, they wanted to have options for reconciling their budgets instead of having to wait until the end of the month so they could always see where their funds were located.



The City of Euclid decided the VIP Accounting suite would be the best solution for their growing city’s goals. The VIP Accounting software:

  • Provided a built-in Bank Reconciliation module that removed the dread from reconciling.

  • Eliminated the need to use external balancing spreadsheets and centralized the information.

Today, the City of Euclid imports cleared checks from the bank, locates important transactions with a few clicks, opens or closes the period, and has the flexibility of deciding whether to balance daily, weekly, or monthly. Everything is done in their software, so there’s no duplication of efforts to plug in data and their financials are easy to reference.

Also, reconciling right out of VIP provides them with the clarity needed to successfully balance their month and year-end without having to stop their important daily operations. Ultimately, the city has seen faster growth and the office is much happier with the new process.

The support staff has gone above and beyond my expectations.
James Smith
Finance Director
The software is everything I hoped for.
James Smith
Finance Director

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