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VIP Cloud

The Cloud Platform that Hosts VIP Financial Management Software

Server-based platforms weigh down your organization with high costs, slow recovery time, and inefficient remote work capabilities. With the VIP Cloud platform, you can save money, quickly recover information, and improve remote work capabilities. Cloud computing has the ability to reshape our world in ways we previously thought were impossible. You can be a part of the future.


of government organizations are already using Cloud services.


of local government IT budgets are spent on Cloud services.


of all organizations will be utilizing Cloud services by 2025.

The beauty of the VIP Cloud platform is its sophistication. It has been designed to protect your data from any threat by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trusted resource for cloud-based services by government and corporations around the globe. Offering several layers of security controls including built-in firewalls and encryption, AWS will stop malicious activity in its tracks.


Security & Control

• Total control of your network configuration

• Layers of security control powered by AWS 

• Built-in firewalls and encryption


Flexibility & Mobility

• Increase remote access

• Accommodate alternative work schedules and remote work

• Log in anywhere, any time


Disaster Recovery

• Data storage protected from power outages, overheating servers, and natural disasters

• VIP Cloud data backups provide rapid recovery from any emergency


Reduced IT

• Eliminate expensive on-premise servers

• No more justifying costly capital expenditures every 3-5 years


Reduced Workload for Staff

• Less time needed to support IT infrastructure

• Managed cloud-based servers and built-in backups allow your IT team to concentrate on more important tasks


Scaled Pricing

• Pay for the resources you use

• Servers move from a capital expense to an operational expense


Ensure Business Continuity

• Protect your data from any threat

• 99.99% uptime, speed and safety provided by AWS


Automatic Software Updates

• Reduce time performing software updates and manual data backups

• Devote your time to more important initiatives


Smooth Migration

• The VIP product suite positions you for a seamless transition to the cloud

• Our Cloud engineers have streamlined the process for minimal downtime

Having the ability to work in VIP from any computer has been a tremendous asset. It allows me to keep up with the speed of business of the office and translates to more adaptive working environments our industry is moving towards.
Ryan Rushing
Fiscal Officer, Beavercreek Twp.
In Ross County, we love knowing that our data is safe and secure and we no longer have to pay to maintain large, resource-heavy hardware onsite. Disaster recovery is less of a worry, because we know that all of our information is stored someplace else. We appreciate the partnership with Software Solutions and are grateful that they are always pushing the envelope when it comes to new technologies.
Tom Spetnagel
Auditor, Ross County Ohio

Build on the Strength of the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud can feel stressful. But with the help of our Cloud Engineers, you can be assured of a smooth transition. Let us guide you through your migration to VIP Cloud.

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