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City of Euclid, OH

looks to the future with VIP AP Automation



Helping the City of Euclid modernize and better secure their AP office while providing a better vendor experience.






SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounts Payable Automation


City of Euclid's Story



The Challenge

The City’s check runs were taking weeks to approve and process taking time away from other important AP-related tasks. Vendors had also expressed some concerns about the length of time it was taking to receive payment.

The Results

A simplified and more secure process integrated with their VIP General Ledger. Check processing went from weeks to process to an hour with the added flexibility to process checks whenever we want. Vendors calls and payment turnaround time has decreased by 87%.

What is AP Automation?

A procure-to-pay (P2P) tool to better protect against fraud, reduce manual processes and modernize your vendor payment process.


Is AP Automation right for me?

It begins with a review of your vendor file. You'd be surprised how many vendors are already enrolled.


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“Our AP process before was so slow and cumbersome. Today it is much faster, more simplified, and more secure. It has saved us time on every step, from invoice processing all the way to bank reconciliation. We are not going back to the old way!”
Sheila Chiofolo
Asst. Finance Director

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