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Leaving Behind Paper

with Bartholomew County Auditor's Office, Indiana








SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounting
VIP Payroll



The Bartholomew County Auditor’s office was in need of a process change. They knew there were efficiency gaps in their current processes that could be solved with better technology, given their day-to-day tasks required multiple repetitive steps. There was double entry of data that left room for typos and errors, the process of reporting and logging information was communicated through printouts, and they were not able to work from home, even when the office might be unsafe. It was time for the, “we’ve always done it this way” processes to change so the employees could have a better experience while on the clock.



The auditor’s office wanted modern software to help create more efficient and accurate processes in their organization. One of the major ways to do this was to both log and report information entirely in the system to eliminate a majority of their printing. They also wanted other ways to reduce the amount of printing in their office on tasks like issuing checks. Another goal was to provide flexibility and additional safety for office staff by allowing them to work remotely without
sacrificing the security of their data.



Bartholomew County switched from having a majority of their processes on paper to going almost entirely digital. Between utilizing VIP, its workflows, and its tight integration to Excel, the office has seen a complete transformation of their processes for the better. Some additional benefits the county uncovered included:

  • More efficient reporting capabilities.

  • County-wide departmental access, which allowed departments to see and make decisions on their account balance and budgets in a self-serve manner.

  • Automating the accounts payable process saved them money on time, paper, and stamps.

When implementing this software, the office was impressed and put at ease by the installation team's previous experience with local governments. When configuring the software, the installation team was able to anticipate the office’s needs, which allowed for an easier transition.

The team was easily accessible to the staff and walked them through the implementation process to ensure they were well supported throughout the change.

VIP Cloud works really well remotely as well as in the office. It helps us meet the demand of having a hybrid work environment.
Carolyn Massengale
Accounts Payable Clerk
When I put in a service ticket , I get an immediate notification it has been submitted. Then when your team calls me, the rapport with whomever is on the other end of the phone has been wonderful. There is a personal connection and all of our problems have been fixed and walked through with us.
Carolyn Massengale
Accounts Payable Clerk
Before VIP, everything was done on paper and they brought it to me to input. Now, everyone inputs their own information.
Carolyn Massengale
Accounts Payable Clerk
The digital ACH payment process is so easy. With VIP Accounts Payable, we have saved so much money on paper, MICR toner, check stock, envelopes, and have also saved time.
Carolyn Massengale
Accounts Payable Clerk

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