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Libraries have always been at the forefront of knowledge and learning, providing a wealth of resources to their communities. But in today's digital age, libraries face new challenges in managing their finances, streamlining processes, and providing a seamless employee experience. That's where ERP software comes in. Libraries often have limited budgets and need to carefully manage their resources. ERP software can provide libraries with comprehensive financial tools, helping them track expenses, manage subscriptions, and allocate funds effectively. This not only allows libraries to operate within budget but also helps in making informed decisions about resource allocation.

VIP has created significant efficiency in my organization. Having the ability for electronic workflows has increased our turn around times from a week to one day. Having VIP has also made it easier for audit as the auditor can have access to the software with customized access and VIP has reports already created the auditor to expecting to execute their job. In addition to the efficiency is that VIP has an extremely helpful support staff that quickly resolves tickets and does an excellent job explaining how they fixed the issue to ensure you can prevent the problem in the future.
Emily V., Accounting Team Lead
MidPointe Library Systems
Learning the new software didn't pose much of a challenge. Training on VIP Finance and Payroll was not a big deal; it's a very intuitive software and very easy to use. I'd make the switch again in a moment.
Warren-Trumbull Public Library
I love VIP and the staff at Software Solutions are always helpful and willing to walk me through new scenarios if necessary.
Dylan M., Fiscal Officer
Portsmouth Public Library

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