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New Ohio Library Chart of Accounts: No Problem!

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You may have heard that the Ohio State Auditor's Office is asking libraries to "transition from using summary program codes for their current expenditures to using the more detailed program codes." This Chart of Accounts update ensures consistent financial reporting across libraries in the state.

The good news? We can help! SSI is fully capable of handling this transition. We can help you make the necessary adjustments within our existing system.

Key Dates:

    • Reports filed by December 31, 2024, need to use the new program codes.

    • If your board approves budgets at this level, prepare your 2024 budget documents using these new codes.

What We Can Do to Help:

    • Our system accommodates the new program codes.

    • We can help you understand how the new codes work.

    • We can assist you in evaluating your accounts and mapping your existing codes to the new ones.

Still Unsure?

Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss any questions you have about the new program codes and how we can ensure a smooth transition for your library.



Beyond Compliance: How Our Software Can Help Your Library Thrive

While the new program codes are important, there's more to running a successful library than just compliance. That's where our financial Library Management Software (LMS) comes in.

At its core, financial LMS exists to empower libraries. Here's how:

    • Accountability to communities: Libraries receive funding from various sources and have a responsibility to spend wisely. Our software helps track expenses and generate reports, fostering trust with your community.

    • Managing Resources: Libraries face budgetary challenges and need to manage resources carefully. Our software provides tools for expense tracking, allocation, and informed decision-making.

The Benefits of Implementing Library Management Software

Imagine ditching paper for digital workflows and cloud-based storage. Our software offers these advantages and more:

    • Eliminate Paperwork: Say goodbye to mountains of paper purchase orders, reports, and checks. Boost efficiency and go green!

    • Automate Tedious Tasks: User-friendly interfaces allow anyone to input data. Automatic reports and accounts payable features free up staff time for more strategic tasks.

    • Enhanced Security: Cloud-based systems ensure data backups and disaster protection. Your data is always secure, with features like daily backups and automatic updates.

    • Grant Management Made Easy: Managing grants can be complex. Our system tracks grant funds and ensures compliance, reducing errors and simplifying the process.

    • Better Budgeting and Forecasting: Real-time financial data empowers you to create accurate budgets and forecasts, allowing you to plan for the future.

Success Stories: Libraries Winning with Our Software

    • MidPointe Library System: Outdated software hampered productivity. Our user-friendly system and exceptional service streamlined operations and reporting, boosting efficiency and staff satisfaction.

    • Portsmouth Public Library: They appreciate our deep understanding of public sector challenges. Our software provides ease of use and exceptional customer support.

    • Westlake Porter Public Library: They upgraded to our browser-based software, which allows for customization and secure cloud data backups.

    • Bucyrus Public Library: This historic library wanted a more robust system. Our software provided a smooth transition and departmental purchasing capabilities.

    • Warren-Trumbull Public Library: This library system with multiple branches uses our comprehensive suite for accounting, analytics, payroll, and public transparency. They find our software intuitive and easy to use.

Key Features to Look for in Financial Library Management Software

When choosing an LMS, consider features that enhance efficiency:

    • Robust Accounting: Manage financial transactions, generate reports, and ensure accurate financial records.

    • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into operations and make informed decisions.

    • Scalability & Mobility: Access your system from anywhere, on any device. Look for a web-based interface and a system that grows with your library.

    • Payroll and HR Management: Streamline these processes, save time, and reduce errors.

    • AP Automation: Automate accounts payable to improve efficiency and free up staff time.


Financial Library Management Software is a powerful tool for libraries. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing finances, analytics, payroll, HR, and more. With the right software, you can streamline processes, improve productivity, and ultimately enhance the library experience for your patrons. Let us help you become a VIP in your community with VIP Software.


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