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VIP Analytics

Budgeting, Reporting, and Strategic Planning Software

VIP Analytics is a highly sophisticated and easy-to-use budgeting, reporting, and strategic planning software. It improves your budgeting process through powerful workflows and forecasting tools. It also improves reporting with visual tools and drill-down capabilities.


The intuitive and attractive interface of Analytics makes it easy to use and navigate. VIP Analytics will save you hours, days, or even weeks of effort to produce a comprehensive budget for your entire organization.



• Deploy across your financial system to provide a single source for all budgetary data across the organization

• Add worksheets to each budget line to provide details for each budget request

• Decision makers can adjust budget requests any time during the approval process



• View historical trends for multiple years

• Quality what-if scenarios can be easily created to allow thorough and detailed review and analysis



• Department managers can enter budgets with comments for approval

• Allows your key financial staff to focus on strategic and analytical tasks

• View current year actual spending as well as two years of history for planning purposes


Personnel Budgeting

• Budget for wages and benefits by pay code and by employee

• Customize entry screens and reports for your specific needs

• Display data by fund, department, or GL account number



• Allows stakeholders across the organization to monitor and analyze their key decision-making data

• Customize to meet your preferences using click and drag functionality

• Create multiple dashboards to be shared or viewed by a single individual


Excel Designer

• Enables report designing and viewing within the familiar Excel environment

• Maintains all data within VIP Analytics

• Full compatibility with MS Excel


Report Builder / Publisher

• Standard and ad-hoc reports can be easily created and formatted once

• Eliminate error-prone, time-consuming spreadsheets

• Deliver your financial plan in a highly graphical, visually meaningful format that is easily understood


Single-Click Reporting

• Data is available from the VIP database in real-time, allowing instant reporting of the current status

• Generate a Certificate of Available Resources in one click

• Expense and Revenue statements by fund, department or other categories available instantly


Automated Report Delivery

• Easily deliver reports across your organization via email or dashboards

• Reports can be delivered in PDF, Excel, or Word formats

VIP Analytics has been a major innovation for our budgeting process. It used to take me 200-300 hours to prepare budgets using spreadsheets. With VIP Analytics, the entire process took less than 50 hours, and is expected to be even less next year. The data and information presented to Council and the public is more reliable than ever before.
City of Norton, OH
VIP Analytics allows me to access data and reporting quickly in a way I want to see it, and the Excel Designer takes the reporting capabilities to the next level. We were also able to use Analytics to automate our budget process. Department heads could attach documentation supporting their requests right into the budget. VIP Analytics is a great administrative tool.
Mollie Gilbride
City of Tallmadge, OH
We just completed several Analytics training sessions with Jim Kimmel and the product is fantastic. More importantly, Jim’s understanding of the product and his ability to clearly present the capabilities while immediately addressing any of our questions was exceptional.
Dan Burke
City Auditor, Lebanon, OH

VIP Analytics is a Game-Changer

Chasing down departmental budget details and searching for spreadsheet errors are a thing of the past. Reclaim the days and weeks you normally spend on budget tasks by adding VIP Analytics to your toolset.

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