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Increasing Productivity

for MidPointe Library System




MidPointe Library System


Cities Served

West Chester

System Replaced

Civica CMI Authority

SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounting
VIP Personnel Budgeting
VIP Asset Management
VIP Payroll
VIP Analytics
VIP Cloud



Emily F., the Fiscal Officer at MidPointe Library System, faced several challenges in her role. The library was in need of new software to address issues with productivity, customer service responsiveness, reporting capabilities, and user-friendliness for staff regarding purchasing and budgeting. The existing processes were slowing down, affecting the staff's purchasing power, and consequently impacting library statistics. The inability to streamline operations could have hindered the library's ability to maintain its impressive program attendance rank, which stood at #4 in the state among 251 libraries in Ohio. Furthermore, the transition was prompted by the retirement of long-time staff members, which added to the apprehension about adopting new software.



The primary goal for MidPointe Library System was to find a software solution that could enhance productivity, improve customer service, streamline reporting, and offer a user-friendly interface for staff to manage purchasing and budgeting efficiently. Emily aimed to overcome the challenges faced by the library by implementing software that would not only address current issues but also provide long-term benefits. The desire was to achieve a seamless transition to a new system that would empower staff and optimize operational processes.



Emily found Software Solutions (SSI) to be a suitable partner based on her positive past experience with their software in a county finance position. She chose SSI for its reputation for user-friendly software and unbeatable customer service, particularly regarding statistics. The implementation and training process with SSI were smooth and enjoyable, exceeding expectations. The implementation team took the time to understand the organization's needs and worked closely with the library staff to tailor the software to meet their exact requirements. This collaborative approach made the transition fun and eliminated the usual apprehensions associated with software changes.

The library benefited from SSI's VIP modules, including VIP Accounting, VIP Personnel Budgeting, VIP Asset Management, VIP Payroll, VIP Analytics, and VIP Cloud. The software brought about enhanced efficiency, with processes that previously took a week now being completed in less than a day. Moreover, the positive experience with SSI's customer support, particularly the Analytics Team, further solidified the partnership. Custom reports were seamlessly built, and the team's responsiveness to tickets was commendable. Additionally, unexpected benefits emerged, such as networking opportunities for Emily through conferences and interactions with other libraries looking to switch to SSI software.

MidPointe Library System successfully addressed its challenges, achieved its goals, and experienced unexpected benefits through its partnership with Software Solutions. The transition to SSI software not only enhanced productivity and efficiency but also opened up networking opportunities and expanded the library's capabilities in reporting and analytics. Emily's advice to others in similar roles is to embrace change, as it can lead to significant enhancements in their careers and organizational operations. Overall, the collaboration between MidPointe Library System and Software Solutions proved to be a mutually beneficial endeavor, demonstrating the value of innovative solutions in the public sector.

"The software brought enhanced efficiency. Processes that took a week before SSI are now processed in less than a day."
Emily F.
Fiscal Officer

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