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The All-in-One Solve

for the City of Wyoming, OH




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System Replaced

ERP Pro/Incode - Tyler Technologies

SSI Modules Implemented

VIP Accounting
VIP Analytics
VIP Asset Management
VIP Departmental Time Entry
VIP Employee Portal
VIP General Billing
VIP Payroll
VIP Personnel Budgeting
VIP Utility Billing



Jeremiah, the Finance Director for the City of Wyoming in southwest Ohio, faced a significant challenge with the city's existing financial software. Dissatisfied with its capabilities and user interface, Jeremiah recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that could meet the city's evolving needs efficiently. The cost to upgrade the current software was prohibitive, prompting Jeremiah to explore alternative options that could provide a more cost-effective and robust solution.

Transitioning to new software posed its own set of concerns for Jeremiah and his team. The prospect of software conversions and the associated learning curve for staff members was daunting. However, driven by the necessity for a more effective financial management system, Jeremiah embarked on a search for a suitable solution. Having been acquainted with Software Solutions and having interacted with employees in the past, Jeremiah reached out to explore the possibilities.



Wyoming craved a system that would paint a clear picture of their financial health, streamlining workflows and alleviating the administrative burden that weighed heavily on their staff. They dreamt of generating comprehensive reports with a click, automating tedious tasks, and freeing up valuable time for their team. In short, they wanted a financial management revolution to get rid of inefficiencies.

The decision to choose Software Solutions was based on several factors. Firstly, it offered an all-in-one solution that aligned with the city's requirements. Secondly, the user interface impressed Jeremiah, offering a modern and intuitive experience. Cost-effectiveness played a pivotal role in the decision-making process, as did Jeremiah's prior positive experience with SSI employees.

The implementation and training process, although inevitably accompanied by some challenges, proceeded smoothly overall. The Software Solutions team proved to be responsive and professional, assisting Jeremiah's staff through the conversion process and addressing any issues promptly. Jeremiah also commended the positive experiences with Customer Support, noting their quick response times and knowledgeable assistance.



The benefits of adopting Software Solutions' software were tangible and far-reaching. A more robust reporting module empowered Jeremiah to generate comprehensive reports for both internal use and presentation to the City Council. Streamlined workflows for requisitions and time entry resulted in significant time savings for the staff. Moreover, the integration of utility billing and an online payment portal through Invoice Cloud dramatically reduced the volume of calls related to water bill payments, enhancing resident satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The implementation of Software Solutions' software not only helped the City of Wyoming achieve its initial goals but also brought unforeseen bonus benefits. The modern user interface facilitated smoother operations, while the reporting capabilities provided invaluable insights for decision-making. Additionally, functionalities such as mass mailings contributed to increased revenue collection, further underscoring the software's effectiveness.

Reflecting on his experience, Jeremiah offers words of advice to peers in similar roles, emphasizing the importance of thoroughly evaluating software options and prioritizing user experience and cost-effectiveness. His decision to partner with Software Solutions has undoubtedly transformed financial management processes for the City of Wyoming, setting a benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness.

I am able to run more reports for myself and Council. The workflow process for requisitions and time entry has streamlined these processes and reduced staff time. The utility billing and online portal with Invoice Cloud has almost eliminated calls the middle of the month to make water bill payments.
Jeremiah C.
Finance Director

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