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Managing Office Changes

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VIP Accounting
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Mahoning Valley Sanitary District was looking to make some improvements in their processes, specifically their reporting and reconciliation. They didn’t enjoy using Excel for reconciliation since the manual data entry left room for errors and difficulties getting the statements to match. They also struggled with their reporting. It got them through day-to-day decisions, but they knew there were better reporting applications available that could help improve their organization.



The district wanted modern software with a more efficient data flow to reduce or eliminate double entry of data. With staff changes at the department, it was important to implement software that was easy to train new employees on. For business continuity during times of turnover, having support and timely responses from the software provider was critical. The sanitary district also wanted to grow their organization effectively with their updated reporting and decision-making processes.



Mahoning Valley Sanitary District made the switch to the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP) with Software Solutions Inc. They implemented VIP Accounting, VIP Payroll, and VIP Analytics to accomplish their goals. The district was able to eliminate using Excel for reconciliation, improve reporting capabilities, and began completing processes with an intuitive system.

During the software transition, staffing shortages meant critical duties fell on one person. The sanitary district was able to leverage the local government experience of Software Solutions’ team to make it through the implementation without missing a beat.

Other benefits found with the software included:

  • The intuitive program design made it easy to see the organization’s entire financial picture, even while executing different job functions.

  • With the web-based user design it was easy to establish new employees and roles within the software.

Mahoning Valley Sanitary District loves their software and would not trade the relationship they have with Software Solutions. No matter what change the organization goes through, she knows our team is ready to help get the job done.

A member of our support team, Mitchell Alvarez, said, “I loved working with Mahoning Valley Sanitary District and seeing the progress made each day at the office. It's rewarding to see our customers thrive with our software, and this transformation was something special to be a part of.”

I love the level of support that comes with the software. A lot of companies don’t offer Software Solutions’ level of customer support.
Brenda Duffett
Finance Manager
The software was easy to learn and after the implementation team walked me through the steps once, I was able to complete my tasks on the software.
Brenda Duffett
Finance Manager

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