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City Software

Accounting and HR Software for Cities,

Townships, and Villages

Cities are a complex web of activity that requires seamless coordination and efficient management. This is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software comes into play. ERP software is a powerful tool that consolidates and streamlines various functions within an organization. For cities, it serves as a digital infrastructure that enhances communication, collaboration, and decision-making across different departments. With our VIP software, your city, township, or village can thrive in an evolving world.

Software Solutions did a great job with our conversion, and we had a smooth transition to their VIP Suite. Our efficiency has improved greatly by allowing departments to enter requisitions, and we now have better reports and more information at our fingertips.
Steve D., Finance Director
City of Frankfort
The ability to go back and look at the details of every transaction is superb. VIP completely eliminates the need to open and close periods and the urgency to run processes or produce reporting on a time-sensitive basis. The ability to go back and look at the details of every transaction is superb. Period-end can become secondary so you can focus on more immediate tasks and we hardly ever print reports to use in processing, with even those that we will later use for audit, we can print any time we want, now or in the future.
Village of Montpelier
Transitioning to VIP opened a lot of doors for us for our accounting, payroll, and reporting processes. We now rely heavily on the tools, especially VIP Analytics, for decision-making. Our transition to VIP was good and the implementation team was very helpful. They made the process very easy. We brought payroll processing from 3 to 4 days down to 1 day.
Vito S., Township Administrator
Bath Township

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