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Modern Software for Accounts Payable to Help Your AP Office Thrive

Your AP office deals with a lot. Between juggling massive to-do lists and managing ever-increasing expectations, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for the best accounts payable automation software. VIP Accounts Payable (AP) Payment Automation software is an easy-to-use payment tool designed to help municipalities provide fast and secure payments with better vendor experiences. 

Your process today

Most organizations today pay their vendors by processing hard-to-track and expensive physical checks. There's a better way to automate your entire vendor payment process.


Your New AP Payment Automation Process

Your process goes from complicated to streamlined. Just select the invoices ready to be paid and send out for processing. The payments are sent on your behalf with reconciliation details provided once the payments goes through. It's that easy.


Your Payment Automation Journey

Imagine what your AP office will look like after it's automated? No more slow and repetitive processes. No more costly physical checks and questions from vendors wondering when they will be paid.

The journey doesn't happen overnight, but the benefits at the end make it all worth it.



How it helps your organization

Simplified Process - There is a single workflow for all AP payments, reducing errors and double-entry.

Cost Savings - Operationally, it costs an average of $4 - $20 to process a single physical check. Physical costs are drastically reduced by moving from check payments to electronic payments. Potential cash rebates are also available.

Reduced Fraud Risk - Your organization does not have to store the suppliers' banking data. 

Better Vendor Relationships - Vendors will have various payment options with detailed remittances and access to their own portal for support and visibility.

Your AP Payment Portal

The AP Payment Portal provides you with the tools and data you need to make better decisions. Log in to see important insights on how your AP office is operating in real-time. View monthly payment breakdowns by type and ongoing vendor engagement to better understand your AP payment automation potential.


Vendor Payment Portal

The Vendor Payment Portal provides your vendors with the tools and transparency they need to track payments and self-serve. Vendors may log in at any time to view their payment history and answer any payment questions.

Start The Process Now!

With a complimentary vendor analysis you can discover your cost savings and potential rebate rewards.

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