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Beavercreek Township Replaces Paycor Payroll Software with VIP Payroll

Beavercreek Township, Ohio has added VIP Payroll to their existing VIP Suite replacing Paycor payroll software. The implementation will save the township money and automate monthly reporting requirements.

VIP Payroll stands as a specialized and comprehensive software solution tailored to address the intricate payroll and human resource needs of public sector organizations. This intuitive platform simplifies and automates payroll processing, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in managing employee compensation.

Efficient Time Entry: The system streamlines time card entry, allowing employees to easily enter hours worked. Timecards then go through a configured workflow for review and approval, reducing manual efforts and ensuring accuracy in time tracking.

Customizable Processes: VIP Payroll allows customization of the time entry process to match organizational specifications. Users can create default time cards, import time from Excel files, and set up time templates for quicker entries, enhancing flexibility and ease of use.

Deduction Processing: Managing both employee and employer deductions becomes seamless with VIP Payroll. The platform facilitates quarterly reporting and filing while allowing users to deactivate deductions as needed, ensuring compliance and accurate record-keeping.

Comprehensive Reporting: VIP Payroll offers robust reporting functionalities, including pension reporting and the ability to export data grids for custom reports in various formats like Excel, Word, and PDF. This ensures that organizations have access to detailed and customizable reports for analysis and compliance.

Secure and Remote Access: The platform enables remote logins from anywhere, enhancing accessibility and facilitating role-based security for secure access assignment. Customized workflow processes for time entry and approvals ensure a secure and controlled environment for managing payroll data.

VIP Payroll, with its comprehensive features, ensures precise payroll processing, accurate time tracking, and adherence to regulatory requirements. By streamlining payroll operations, it empowers organizations to manage their human resources efficiently and effectively while ensuring accurate compensation for their employees.

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