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Boone County, KY Now Live on VIP Utility Billing

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Boone County’s Water District is now live on VIP Utility Billing from the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® with Software Solutions Inc. By implementing this software, the office is now on a modern platform and has easier access to their data. The switch has allowed the county to better serve its 25,000 customers.  Now, when they receive a call inquiring about a bill or payment, they can quickly access the record, view and analyze historical data, and meet the needs of their customers. 

Previously, the county was limited in their reporting capabilities. Having to dig into the system to retrieve information related to a customer’s account was frustrating as it took time away from other important tasks that needed to be completed. The county has eliminated these issues. Their strategic objective of modernizing their processes has positioned them to focus on what matters most, better serving its citizens.

“In speaking with Boone County, one of their initiatives for the year was to deliver great service    to their customers. We are excited they chose VIP Utility Billing to meet these goals and are ready to help them however we can.”

– Mike Brenner, Regional Manager
    Software Solutions Inc.

Boone County’s utility billing office is committed to serving its citizens with the new software. With this more modern approach, the district is setting their teams up for success for years to come.

“We have been looking forward to the implementation of this platform.  We are already seeing positive impacts of the new solutions.”

– Harry Anness, General Manager
    Boone County Water District

Boone County joins many other billing agencies nationwide that have partnered with Software Solutions to improve their utility billing information and processes.