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City of Norton, OH Live on VIP

VIP Accounting and Payroll Intelligent Data Grids provide the City of Norton’s users with customizable screens and the ability to export data to Microsoft Word and Excel or HTML, PDF and other formats. This web-based enterprise resource planning suite of applications provides end-users the tools they need for efficient and accurate data processing.

VIP Accounting stands as the cornerstone of financial management for public sector organizations, offering sophisticated functionalities tailored to intricate fund accounting needs. This comprehensive system supports multi-level account numbering, accommodating complex chart of accounts structures with up to nine levels. It automates crucial financial processes, seamlessly integrating modules for streamlined operations.

Within VIP Accounting, various modules like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Project Accounting, Budget Control, and Capital Projects ensure meticulous financial tracking and reporting. It automates the posting process from other modules, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial management. By facilitating tasks like managing vendor payments, tracking customer billing, reconciling bank statements, and controlling budgets, VIP Accounting ensures organizations maintain financial accuracy and compliance.

VIP Payroll serves as a specialized platform tailored to address the unique payroll and human resource needs of public sector organizations. This intuitive system simplifies payroll processing, enabling accurate and efficient management of employee compensation. VIP Payroll streamlines time card entry, payroll processing, and reporting, reducing manual efforts and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

With features like customizable time entry processes, default time card creation, and direct deposit file creation, VIP Payroll streamlines payroll management. It offers comprehensive reporting, departmental time entry, deduction processing, and personnel budgeting tools to efficiently handle HR operations. The platform ensures accuracy in pension reporting, allows for custom reporting in multiple formats, and provides secure time entry workflows, ensuring precise and efficient payroll management.

Both VIP Accounting and VIP Payroll are integral components of a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance financial accuracy, streamline operations, and ensure compliance for public sector organizations.