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City of Louisville Brings Payroll Back In-House After Complications

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The city of Louisville was looking to lower their payroll costs and reduce in-house reporting, so they decided to outsource their Payroll to a seemingly less expensive solution. However, after discovering the limitations with the software and the additional fees, they grew frustrated. What they thought would save them time and be less expensive did not fit with their processes and required modifications. Many pieces still needed to be completed in-house and their cost savings were not being realized. After giving the third party payroll company an opportunity, they quickly realized they grew less efficient, and saw they needed direct integrations to the General Ledger to help their employees have an easier workday.

They decided to make a change to improve their payroll process. To save money and help their employees, they decided to bring processes in-house with an integrated process. With this change, they wanted to:

  • Make the payroll process easy to complete.
  • View accurate reporting and pension reports.
  • Give employees self-service, mobile access to complete basic HR inquiries.

To fix these issues, the city of Louisville decided to build on their Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP) solutions. In addition to VIP Accounting and VIP Utility Billing, they implemented VIP Payroll to help reach their goals and create a smooth payroll process in the department. With Software Solutions Inc., the city was able to create an easy payroll process that produced accurate reports for the financial office and city officials. The payroll department was more efficient with the self-service portal provided to employees.

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