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Highland County Replaces Harris with VIP

Software Solutions welcomes Highland County to the family of VIP software users. They are replacing their Harris system with the ever-popular VIP Product Suite, including VIP Accounting, Departmental Purchasing, Payroll, Departmental Time Entry, Asset Management, Analytics and the VIP Employee Portal.

The suite of VIP software solutions—VIP Accounting, VIP Payroll, VIP Analytics, and VIP Employee Portal—forms a comprehensive ecosystem tailored for the specific needs of public sector organizations, offering robust functionalities and seamless integration.

VIP Accounting serves as the cornerstone of financial management. It enables intricate fund accounting with support for up to nine levels in the account number, automating posts from various modules and facilitating quick and recurring journal entries. The system streamlines Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Project Accounting, Budget Control, and Capital Projects, all ensuring accurate financial tracking and reporting.

VIP Payroll and HR software handle specialized payroll and human resource needs. This intuitive platform simplifies time card entry and payroll processing in a few clicks, accommodating multiple period types and offering direct deposit file creation for immediate bank export. Its comprehensive reporting, departmental time entry, deduction processing, and personnel budgeting tools streamline HR operations.

VIP Analytics empowers informed decision-making with its robust reporting capabilities. Users can export data grids to create custom reports in various formats, utilize report tags for non-sequential account grouping, and access dashboard reports offering key metrics tailored to individual users.

VIP Employee Portal revolutionizes access to personal payroll details, reducing inquiries to HR. It offers secure access to pay stubs, tax forms, and accrual balances. Streamlined time-off requests and time entry, alongside a news portal, enhance communication and engagement, seamlessly integrating with VIP Payroll & HR software.

All these solutions share a common goal: to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and enhance efficiency within public sector organizations. Through seamless integration and specialized functionalities, the VIP suite ensures financial accuracy, HR compliance, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced employee engagement—all vital elements for a successful public sector entity.