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Highland County Water Increases Security with VIP Cloud

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Highland County Water previously had an on-site server for their financial office. However, they were outgrowing their old processes and wanted to modernize their office. They felt most of their inefficiencies came from working with multiple platforms. To move forward, they wanted to take advantage of new efficiencies with cloud computing. They established goals for their new platform to:

  • Improve their service delivery.
  • Utilize modern mapping systems with their utility solution.
  • Implement a mobile work order delivery system.
  • Work remotely.
  • Improve the customers' options for paying their bills.

To meet their goals, they chose a few pieces of the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP) platform: VIP Cloud, VIP Web Portal, and VIP Utility Billing with the GIS integration. With VIP Cloud they can eliminate their on-premise server as well as the costs and maintenance associated with it. The Cloud will also let them access their data securely while working remotely and will complete automatic data backups for them. VIP Web Portal will work with their current bill pay system to improve their customer payment options. Finally, VIP Utility Billing with the GIS integration will unify their utilities department with the other pieces of the organization so everyone can view and utilize accurate information. With the mobile work order piece, they will deliver faster service and the office can access more accurate records.

Highland County Water has chosen to be unified under one system and will view accurate data on a modern, intuitive platform. Thank you for choosing us, Highland County Water!