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Village of Oakwood Completes VIP Implementation

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Oakwood Village was looking to modernize their technology and wanted digital process that could automate some of their daily tasks. They also wanted to view accurate data in their system, which was difficult with manual processes. To accomplish their goals, the village implemented various solutions from the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP) suite including VIP Accounting, VIP Employee Portal, and VIP Payroll. These systems allow for:

  • Better tracking of their data.
  • A digital payroll process.
  • Up-to-date information with digital accounting processes.
  • A self-service, mobile platform for employees to complete basic HR inquiries.

With these new solutions they have more accurate data at their fingertips for easier decision-making. In addition, their employee’s day-to-day tasks are much easier, leading to more productivity.

Thank you for choosing us, Oakwood Village!