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SSI Announces Partnership with Cybersecurity Company

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Software Solutions, Inc. is announcing a strategic partnership with Intrust IT, a trusted IT services provider for any organization that relies on technology. This collaboration brings together Software Solutions' best-in-class financial management and billing software with Intrust IT's top-tier cybersecurity, IT support, and hardware services to offer a comprehensive and unparalleled solution for Software Solutions' customers.

Intrust IT is a trusted IT services provider for any organization that relies on technology. Their headquarters is located in Cincinnati and they have offices in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio as well. For over three decades, the company has been providing clients with reliable and secure IT support, cybersecurity protection, strategic technology guidance, and hardware solutions. Intrust IT is committed to building strong relationships with their clients and is focused on helping clients achieve their business goals.

“We are excited to partner with Intrust IT to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that addresses their critical technology and security needs, said Matt Parks, VP of Product and Strategy at Software Solutions. “Intrust IT's proven track record of delivering reliable and secure IT services and great customer service aligns perfectly with our commitment to helping our customers achieve their financial goals."

Key benefits of the partnership include:

    • Advanced cybersecurity: Intrust IT's fully staffed 24/7/365 security operations center (SOC) will provide Software Solutions' customers with proactive threat detection and prevention, ensuring their data and assets remain safe and secure.

    • Comprehensive IT support: Intrust IT's friendly and helpful team of experts will provide ongoing IT support for your team, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

    • Industry-leading hardware: Intrust IT will offer Software Solutions' customers access to the latest hardware solutions, ensuring they have the technology they need to stay ahead of the curve.

    • Trusted employee owners: Like SSI, Intrust IT is an employee-owned company, so you can rest assured that you are always talking to an owner. They have been serving clients since 1992 and have maintained a Customer Satisfaction Rating of over 99% since 2016. They also have over 100 industry certifications and a 90% answer rate.

    • No long-term contracts: Intrust IT doesn’t try to lock you into long-term contracts, they earn your business every month.

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