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City of Clayton, OH live - VIP Utility Billing

The City of Clayton, Ohio is live on VIP Utility Billing – putting data at their fingertips to address customer questions and issues, analyze trends and generate reports. They will soon be implementing the VIP Web Portal, the feature-rich yet low-cost Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) system that accepts all major payment types and provides self-service functionality.

VIP Utility Billing is an all-encompassing software solution designed to streamline and optimize the complex processes inherent in utility billing management. It's a robust platform that ensures accurate meter readings, precise customer billing, and seamless integration with other systems, catering specifically to the intricate needs of utility companies.

Customer Management: The software facilitates meticulous customer tracking, encompassing both active and inactive accounts related to individual customers. This allows for linking a single customer to multiple billing locations, ensuring a comprehensive view of their utility usage.

Billing Accuracy: VIP Utility Billing guarantees precision in billing by offering flexible metered and flat-rate services. Users can configure services to automatically bill as per predefined frequencies, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in invoicing.

Efficient Operations: The software streamlines deposit tracking, automating deposit processing according to individual deposit policies. It also automates the application of deposits to final bills, ensuring a smooth and error-free process.

Enhanced Service Delivery: Through GIS integration, work order management becomes prompt and efficient. This integration leverages tools such as ESRI Workforce to manage work orders on mobile devices, reducing data entry redundancy and enhancing service delivery.

Customizable Functionality: Users benefit from customizable features such as alerts on accounts, customized bill comments, and the ability to track landlord-related accounts for billing purposes.

Comprehensive Reporting: With robust reporting capabilities, VIP Utility Billing offers a user-friendly interface for generating reports on various metrics. Users can review billing histories, rate changes, and schedule future rate adjustments securely with approval workflows.

VIP Utility Billing stands as a reliable solution, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and superior customer service for utility companies, ultimately contributing to the seamless operation of their services.