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The City of Wellston Modernizes Technology

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Software Solution Inc.’s implementation team is wrapping up at the City of Wellston! The city updated their financial office with a few products from the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP) suite. The City of Wellston wanted to modernize their office and create a smooth transfer of data and information. They also wanted to have an option for their staff to work remotely. To do this, the city implemented cloud-based solutions including VIP Accounting and VIP Utility Billing. Soon, the city will be live on VIP Web Portal. This will allow citizens to review and pay their utility bills online from a self-service platform. Finally, the city is in the process of implementing VIP Analytics for enhanced reporting capabilities that will provide a complete visual of the city’s financial position.

The city was thrilled with Software Solution’s staff and implementation team and made note of it with their regional manager. The team moved them smoothly from a 20 year old system to state-of-the-art technology.

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