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The Village of Minerva Moves to VIP Platform

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The village of Minvera is moving to the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP) suite! They were looking for a newer system with an encrypted database to help protect their data. They also wanted better processes in multiple areas of their office to help their employees with their day-to-day tasks. Digital processes would require less double-entry of data, a self-service portal for employees would help reduce office distractions from answering HR questions, and having more centralized data would make gathering reports much easier. Their utility billing processes were in need of a revamp, and would also benefit from modernization.

After taking a look at the VIP suite, the village of Minerva decided to move forward with implementation. To meet their goals, they selected VIP Payroll, VIP Accounting, VIP Analytics, VIP Employee Portal, and VIP Utility Billing. We look forward to getting them up and running on this modern platform!