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Village of Jefferson (OH)

The Village has decided to upgrade the eGov software to the VIP Suite. This includes VIP Accounting, Payroll and Utility Billing. They have also ordered VIP Analytics to aid in budgeting and reporting.

The VIP Accounting system forms the backbone of the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® and is the go-to solution for customers, regardless of budget size. Let's break down the key features:

General Ledger serves as the fund accounting system's core, supporting up to nine levels in the account number, automating posts from other VIP modules, and facilitating quick journal entry duplication.

Accounts Payable streamlines vendor payment with easy invoice lookup, comprehensive vendor management, and configurable check layouts, including seamless workflow and claims processing.

Purchasing allows detailed requisition creation with entity-wide workflows, built-in budget-checking, and comprehensive purchasing tracking.

Accounts Receivable ensures easy retrieval of customer, billing, and payment records with ample reporting options.

Bank Reconciliation streamlines cash balance tying with bank reports and unlimited bank balancing capability.

Project Accounting offers robust revenue and expense tracking, allowing multi-year project tracking, sub-project and grant tracking.

Budget Control facilitates budgeting at any account level, with warnings or halts when budgets are exceeded.

Capital Projects aids in creating comprehensive capital expenditure worksheets, capital improvement request categorization, and grant funding identification.

Flexible Reporting allows data grid export for on-the-fly custom reports, leveraging report tags for custom reporting, and personalized dashboard reports.

The VIP Payroll and HR platform, designed specifically for the public sector, handles specialized payroll, pension, and HR needs accurately and efficiently. With flexible time entry, comprehensive reporting, departmental time tracking, deduction processing, dashboard analytics, personnel budgeting, and complete integration with VIP Accounting, it's a comprehensive solution.

Utility billing software is crucial for utility companies, streamlining account tracking, meter readings, and billing accuracy while integrating seamlessly with accounting systems.

The VIP Web Portal offers customer account management, while Account Inquiry, Deposit Tracking, Customer Tracking, and Unlimited Services streamline customer service and billing. Additional features include Payment Plans, GIS Integration, Alerts, Landlord Tracking, Work Orders, Backflow Management, and Professional Services for a comprehensive utility management experience.