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Why Every Local Government Should Use the Cloud

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From strengthening data security to streamlining operations, more and more local governments are discovering the benefits of cloud services.

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There are numerous advantages to using cloud services for local governments, including the ability to streamline operations, better protect data, and improve business continuity and disaster recovery. Here’s why every local government should be leveraging the cloud.

Improved Security
A data breach could expose sensitive information to bad actors or even bring operations to a halt. Ransomware attacks are increasingly aimed at "soft targets" like local governments, which are labeled as such because their often-antiquated systems make them particularly vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Attempting to match the strength of security measures and data protection offered by cloud storage and computing services in on-premises systems can be prohibitively expensive and labor-intensive for many local governments, in large part due to economies of scale.

Increased Collaboration and Efficiency
Cloud services like VIP Cloud enable employees to access and work on projects from anywhere on any device, as well as simplify collaborations among workers and between government agencies. Documents are more easily shared, information silos and redundant documents are reduced, and transitions to remote work are completed faster.

When compared to more relatively basic programs, cloud solutions can make local government tasks like processing a Purchase Order - which often requires the involvement of multiple departments in the approval process - much faster and smoother.

Scalability and Cost Savings
Running on-premises infrastructure is pricey, especially in today's world, where nearly everything is going digital. Local governments can be more operationally nimble in response to what are often dynamic shifts in computing capacity needs, thanks to cloud computing.

Scaling up or down storage and computing capacity on an on-premise server takes months and is expensive. Local governments can use cloud computing to automatically scale up and down in real-time.

Improved Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Local governments can benefit greatly from cloud computing and storage services for business continuity and disaster recovery. Housing data and running critical digital infrastructure like servers locally without any off-site redundancy is a recipe for disaster. Redundancy is one of the most important elements of protecting data and eliminating downtime from possible outages or cyberattacks. With VIP Cloud, that redundancy is built-in.

Local Governments Need to Be in the Cloud
To meet today's challenges, modern governments require modern solutions. Cloud technology can help safeguard sensitive data, streamline projects and collaborations, ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster, and help you prepare for tomorrow.

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