With over 350 customers in 10 states it’s our job to make our customers look good!

“We just completed several Analytics training sessions and the product is fantastic.”
– Daniel Burke, City Auditor, City of Lebanon, Ohio

“The software is everything I hoped for, but the support staff has gone above and beyond my expectations. Great job!”
– James Smith, Finance Director, City of Euclid

“I wanted to tell you what a wonderful job the staff is doing in helping us transition to VIP! You should be very proud of the team you have!”
– Sharon Troike, Fiscal Officer, Bath Township

“Software Solutions did a great job with our conversion, and we had a smooth transition to their VIP Suite. Our efficiency has improved greatly by allowing departments to enter requisitions, and we now have better reports and more information at our fingertips.”
– City of Frankfort, KY

“Tell whoever is doing your hiring that they are doing a wonderful job. Everyone there is so nice and very helpful. Keep up the good work and know that your efforts are appreciated.”
– John Elam, Finance Director, City of Ironton, Ohio

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Asset Management in VIP. It’s so seamless. Thanks!”
– Karen Freeman, Finance Director, City of Rossford, Ohio

“VIP Analytics has been a major innovation for our budgeting process. It used to take me 200-300 hours to prepare budgets using spreadsheets. With VIP Analytics, the entire process took less than 50 hours, and is expected to be even less next year. The data and information presented to Council and the public is more reliable than ever before.”
– Ron Messner, Finance Director, City of Norton, Ohio

“The best part of working with SSI is that everyone truly cares about the customers and wants to do as much as they can to better the product to help make the user’s experience as good as possible.”
– Chris Kline, Chief Deputy Auditor, Lawrence County, Ohio

“We love the flexibility in reporting and extracting information. The Time Entry module for payroll is particularly user-friendly and well-designed. We have a great working relationship with SSI. The support is top-notch and dependable. VIP is hands down the best system on the market for medium-sized city or counties.”
– Tom Spetnagel Jr., County Auditor, Ross County

“VIP has made us substantially more efficient, allows us to use less paper, and cuts down on clerical errors. The grids are very useful and make it very easy to find any transaction by using the filters vs. having to run a long report as we had to in the past.”
– Randy Grapner, County Auditor, Mercer County

“Software Solutions kept the transition from our old system to their new system easy and on schedule I can’t thank you enough for simplifying this process.”
– Pam Williams, Payroll and Accounts Payable Clerk, City of Louisville

“Analytics saved me a day of working tracking down an error. I was able to find, change, and update our financial statements within an hour. Thanks again!”
– Jim Crandall, CPA, Senior Staff Accountant, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

“We had a very unhappy experience with our old software; we wanted to work with a company that was modernized, provided good customer service, and really understood how governmental accounting should work, and SSI provided all of that and more.”
– Emily Vance, Accounting Supervisor, MidPointe Library System

“I love the support team, they’re very patient and they’re very easy to talk to. SSI always listens to input from their customers and make changes based on that input.”
– Jared Halm, Office Manager, Ross County, Ohio

“After 20 years of using the same software, we needed software that would grow with us as the township was growing. We love being able to give all of our department heads real-time access to their information.”
– Nancy White, Township Administrator, Mifflin Township, Ohio

“The billing that used to take about 2 days now takes about 3 hours with the upgrade to VIP.”
– City of Oakwood, Ohio

“The claims processing through electronic workflow in VIP is wonderful. It eliminated the paper shuffling.”
– Bartholomew County, Indiana

“I highly recommend Software Solutions Their response time is very quick, they are easy to work with and they pay close attention to our needs as an Indiana customer and our requirements to The State Board of Accounts.”
– Butler, Indiana

“With VIP we have found that training new employees is easier. The system is more intuitive and has a tremendous amount of information available from one screen. The ability to go to any period and print reports means we no longer have stacks of paper to file at the end of every cycle. The active links allow us to drill down and through to every associated record, making fact-finding and problem-solving much faster and more accurate.”
– Georgetown Municipal Water and Sewer, Kentucky

“We have had a number of other libraries stop by to see our VIP Accounting software in action, I am always open to letting them visit and ask questions about our experiences with Software Solutions and the product. I tell them that they will not regret their decision to convert to the VIP system. The software is excellent, the technical help is excellent, the company is excellent.”
– Medina County Library

“The ability to go back and look at the details of every transaction is superb. VIP completely eliminates the need to open and close periods and the urgency to run processes or produce reporting on a time-sensitive basis. The ability to go back and look at the details of every transaction is superb. Period-end can become secondary so you can focus on more immediate tasks and we hardly ever print reports to use in processing, with even those that we will later use for audit, we can print any time we want, now or in the future.”
– Montpelier, Ohio

“Most of our staff are using the system to self-serve, they don’t need to call us for an answer. They can find it in real time because the software is so user friendly. I have found VIP to be a very efficient and effective tool in many ways. We can paint a clear picture of our data; it is so transparent.”
– North Canton, Ohio

“Learning the new software didn’t pose much of a challenge training on VIP Finance and Payroll was not a big deal, it’s very intuitive software and very easy to use. I’d make the switch again in a moment.”
– Warren-Trumbull Public Library