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Gibson County Municipal Water Goes Live!

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A little bit about Gibson County

Gibson County, located in the beautiful state of Tennessee, is a place steeped in history and natural beauty. Nestled in what was once known as "Indian Land," this county was originally occupied by the Chickasaw Native American people. However, with the proclamation of the Chickasaw Cession in 1819, the region opened up to settlement by white settlers and speculators. The story of Gibson County begins with the construction of the first log cabin by Thomas Fite in the early 1800s. As settlement progressed, the citizens petitioned for the formation of a new county, which was established in 1823 and named after Colonel John H. Gibson, a brave soldier who fought in the Natchez Expedition and the Creek War. In its early years, Gibson County experienced rapid growth, thanks to its fertile land that was ideal for farming cotton and corn. The county's first cotton gin was built in 1826, marking the beginning of a thriving agricultural industry.

Gibson County is not only rich in history but also hosts a variety of vibrant festivals and events. The Gibson County Fair, held annually in Trenton, is the oldest continuously running fair in the South. Dating back to 1856, this fair showcases the county's agricultural heritage and offers a week of entertainment for all. Another notable event is the Teapot Festival, which originated in 1981. This unique festival celebrates a rare collection of Porcelain Veilleuses and features a week-long extravaganza, including a grand parade, music, fireworks, athletic competitions, arts and crafts shows, and more. Additionally, the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival, held in Humboldt since 1934, draws crowds of up to 100,000 people. This beloved festival features a range of activities, including parades, horse shows, concerts, beauty reviews, and, of course, delicious strawberry-themed treats. Gibson County is a place where history, culture, and community come together to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're exploring its rich past or enjoying the festivities, this county offers something for everyone to enjoy.

This year, they celebrate their Bicentennial in October! For 200 years, they have served their citizens well. 

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Gibson County Courthouse in Trenton, TN (via https://www.gibsoncountytn.com/)


Their Mission

Within Gibson County is Trenton, TN where the Gibson County Municipal Water District is located. This district has a beautiful mission to provide "safe, high-quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation." Throughout their website, there are an array of conservation tips to keep families, wildlife, and natural resources safe. We can tell they truly care about their citizens, just like we care about our customers.


The Implementation Process

Our mission was to help them improve their customer service and utility billing capabilities through an updated utility billing system. This was another way to make their citizens happy and have a better user experience. This wonderful group of ladies at the water district caught on very quickly and was very kind and patient throughout the entire process, awaiting the configuration of their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. (An AMI system utilizes advanced technology to read and monitor water distribution systems. Data is communicated to a whole network of smart meters and stored in a central database, allowing billing and analysis to be accurate and timely.)

During the utility billing software implementation and training process, one of our Implementation Consultants individually met with the wonderful group of ladies at the Gibson County Municipal Water District twice per week, ensuring they felt comfortable leading up to their live date. They chose to solve their pain points with VIP Utility Billing, which included Automated Meter Reading, Bill Printing, Work Orders, Shut-off Extensions, and Handheld Interface. They were very easy to work with and went live this month.

Welcome to the SSI Family, Gibson County Municipal Water District!