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SSI Announcing Strategic Partnership with ClearGov

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ClearGov® is a leader in local government cloud-based transparency and budget cycle management software, specializing in the following solutions:

  • Transparency
  • Operational Budgeting
  • Personnel Budgeting
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Digital Budget Book

These solutions can be purchased as stand-alone products or as a bundle.

Through this strategic partnership, Software Solutions is able to provide customers with an export to ClearGov.


"The communication with our taxpayers and citizens is much clearer, and the time my staff puts in during the budget cycle has been reduced by 100 hours over the three month process"
- Amy Dent, Auditor of Christian County, MO

"ClearGov's commitment to modernizing transparency and the government budgeting process with easy-to-use software and automation has made this partnership a win-win for our customers and teams. After an extensive evaluation process, Software Solutions is excited to introduce ClearGov to our customers and for the opportunities that lay ahead"
- Rick Fortman, President, Software Solutions

"ClearGov's budgeting software is perfectly suited for the local governments, utility companies, and special districts that use Software Solutions for their accounting, payroll, and billing solutions. Through this partnership, ClearGov's affordable, easy-to-use solutions will be accessible to more public agencies that are looking to make their budgeting process more efficient"
- Bryan Burdick, President & Co-Founder, ClearGov

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