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SSI Awards in 2023

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Sometimes it's hard to have confidence in software providers. They tell you one thing and competitors tell you another. But something you can rely on is the reviews of their customers. In 2023, Software Solutions gained several reviews and testimonials that speak volumes about our software and services. We even won some awards last year. This article will dive into the awards we've won this past year and the categories that mean most to you.

Best Ease of Use

You need your software to be easy to use. You don't have time to learn a complicated system. Well, we have good news. We have been awarded "Best Ease of Use" from Capterra.com.

Capterra is the #1 software review site. Capterra brings transparency to the software market with its vast directory of verified reviews and ratings, proprietary insights, and personalized recommendations.

Here are a couple of reviews we received from Capterra:

Linda I.

Library Fiscal Officer

"Very user friendly, education options are very useful, and the tech support is great!"

Celestina W.

Local Gov. Payroll Coordinator

"The product is easy to use. Customer service or tech support is convenient to reach and returns calls promptly."


Best Functionality & Features

The features and functions of software are incredibly important, too. Otherwise, you literally couldn't do your job as well. Well, we won an award for that. GetApp awarded us "Best Functionality & Features" in 2023. This means that our system is full of reports and capabilities that help you succeed!

GetApp has over 2 Million monthly users, 2.2 million user reviews, and 37,000 software profiles. This helps you compare tons of software for your needs.

Here are a couple of reviews of our software from GetApp:

Shania D.

Utility Billing Clerk

"It has many functions and reports that will be useful that we didn't have before. I think it will make utility billing go smoother."

Nikki S.

Asst Finance Director

"I like the VIP software. It is very helpful with Payroll and other reports."


Best Value

Price is probably at the top of your mind, though. No one wants to overpay for software, but the cheapest could also be the worst... That's where our award for "Best Value" from Capterra comes in. This means that the value of our software compared to its cost is just right. Here's what some customers had to say on Capterra:

Anne G.

Payroll Specialist

"Overall it has been very positive and the support staff have been excellent to work with."

Patti W.

Finance Director

"Reasons for Choosing Visual Intelligence Portfolio Suite: Cost and we love the Software Solutions, Inc. company and brand. We have had their products and service for over 20 years."


Most Recommended

It's harder to take recommendations from strangers than from friends or peers. On Software Advice, you can tell what industry the reviewer is in: Government Administration, Libraries, Utilities, etc. This helps you get advice from peers in your field. In 2023, we were awarded the "Most Recommended" ERP software from Software Advice. 

Software Advice is a software review site that has over 600 categories, 1 million verified reviews, and was established in 2005. Here are some of our software reviews from there:

Teri M.

Finance Director

"Love the workflows, paperless environments, ability for all departments to be able to run reports and or review grids to get information they need."

Greg K.

Human Resources Admin

"It has improved our ease of retrieving data and documents even remotely. Being able to access your data at your fingertips including attached supporting documentation is one of the biggest plusses in VIP."


Best Customer Support

This might be the most important category of your software needs. Everyone needs help once in a while. It's one thing to have good software, but you also need good customer service to back it up. In 2023, Software Advice awarded us "Best Customer Service." We're so proud that we've been able to help our customers thrive!

Our 99% customer satisfaction score is a testament to the dedication we have to helping our customers succeed. Many of our support calls are resolved in under 4 hours. The majority of tickets are solved same day. This is almost unheard of in our ERP software industry. 

Here are some reviews we received via Software Advice:

Megan V.

Utility Billing Technician

"The customer service reps respond quickly. They are patient, friendly and they are there to help you."

Matt B.

Finance Director

"The implementation team was very thorough in helping us to understand how the system functionality would slot into our existing processes, and where we may be able to change and improve those processes."


Let's Wrap This Up

We could go on and on about the value we give to our customers, but we're not just interested in bragging. We're here to find out about you and what you need. We hope this article has helped you see that we're all about our customers' success. To that end, we urge you to read reviews of our VIP software on Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp. After that, schedule a demo so you can see the software in action. Until then, happy researching!