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The City of Euclid Ohio moves to VIP Suite

The City of Euclid in Ohio moved from a software system they were unhappy with to Software Solutions VIP Accounting with Departmental Purchasing, VIP Payroll and VIP Analytics. Software Solutions will save the City money over their existing solution and improve efficiencies.  The City is extremely happy with SSI products, organizational structure and high standards for customer service.

The VIP Accounting system provides the data you need for critical accounting management decision-making. It is the core to the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® and is relied upon by customers with budgets both large and small.

The VIP Payroll and HR platform was created to handle the specialized payroll, pension, and human resource needs of the public sector. It is relied upon by our clients to pay hundreds of thousands of employees timely and accurately. The intuitive interface helps you get this crucial task done right the first time.

VIP Analytics is a highly sophisticated and easy-to-use budgeting, reporting, and strategic planning software. It improves your budgeting process through powerful workflows and forecasting tools. It also improves reporting with visual tools and drill-down capabilities.