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Beavercreek Township Progressing Payroll Processes

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Beavercreek Township wanted to automate as much of their payroll process as possible, but moving to Paycor did not give them the process they were promised. When Paycor did not live up to expectations, the township looked for a different digital payroll solution with a proven history of success. They decided to add the payroll piece of the Visual Intelligence Portfolio® (VIP) to their current software suite. With VIP Payroll they had goals to:

      • Create OPERS, Ohio Police & Fire Pension, and Ohio New Hire Reports to be uploaded to websites.
      • Generates year-end information at no additional cost.
      • Up-to-date tax tables.
      • Creates employer liability and employee deduction payments.
      • Automatic, encrypted emails sent to employees within the system.
      • Allows for multiple pay periods to be processed simultaneously.
      • Provides a more thorough reporting structure using formatted reports and user-generated content.
      • Automated General Ledger integration.


VIP Payroll accomplished those goals and improved their processes. Now, the township has more accurate data and incurred no additional cost for additional payrolls processed. They can now post payroll automatically to the General Ledger and it can be viewed by the department immediately when payroll is posted. They are very happy with their switch to Software Solutions Inc. and are relieved to bring their goals back in house. They now have ownership of their data and payroll timelines, and a support team that has been with them every step of the way.