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Strategic Planning with SSI & ClearPlans

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You've likely already heard about our partnership with ClearGov to utilize their transparency solution. This has already helped several of our clients in communicating more effectively with their citizens.

Well, we've taken it a step further because of all the public agencies that we were able to help. We saw that many of you have a pain point with strategic planning. Our partner ClearGov has developed ClearPlans, a one-of-a-kind plan management tool designed exclusively for public agencies to create, execute, and manage any type of action plan.

At the end of the day, you want to create a good roadmap for your community. ClearPlans is how you can do just that. It tells everyone where you are, where you're going, and how you're going to get there. Citizens care about the budget, but what they really connect with is the overall vision and plan for where they live, work, and raise their families.


ClearPlans gives the ability to plan, execute, and track every kind of project with seamless collaboration across multiple departments. You can even connect your plan to specific funds to determine impacts, identify gaps, and share progress with constituents. 

And all of the information you already have on your VIP software transfers into ClearGov's software, so no need to enter the information twice. That means you can export your data, then easily import it onto ClearGov's platform.

Here are some of the features:

  • Intuitive Dashboard – The dashboard helps local government officials easily track project progress. It includes powerful metrics, intuitive graphs, charts, and filters to visualize and filter goals. Users can view future action items, sort them by due dates, and stay up-to-date on plan progress with ease.

  • Plan Manager – Simplify your planning process and save time with ClearPlans: our 3-level framework incorporates market best practices. The plan manager allows users to create and maintain plans effortlessly with a framework designed to help Public agencies stay organized and focused on their goals.

  • Effortless Collaboration – ClearPlans enables effortless collaboration among team members. Assign tasks, set update frequencies, and send automated reminders to collaborators to ensure smooth progress on your plan. The platform facilitates communication and encourages accountability among team members.

  • Track Progress – Gain actionable insights with easy-to-understand metrics, percentages, comments, and KPIs to monitor and update your plan’s progress. The platform allows users to track their progress and adjust their plans accordingly to ensure that they meet their goals.

  • Budget Allocation – Connect your plan to specific funds to determine impacts, identify gaps, and share progress with constituents. The platform offers a comprehensive view of budget allocation and helps users stay on top of their spending.

  • Publish and Promote – Transform your plan into a polished website and instill trust in your constituents. Additionally, stakeholders can opt-in to receive notifications for updates on the project or specific goals. Plans can easily be downloaded as a PDF for seamless communication, accessibility, and sharing.

ClearGov's strategic planning tool, ClearPlans, was designed to help public agencies create, execute, and manage the strategic plan. This tool simultaneously overcomes the limitations of legacy planning documents and enhances stakeholder visibility for goal progression.

So, if you're reading to start planning, let us know.

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