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Why Not to Buy ERP Software...

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There are lots of reasons to not buy ERP software. Here are a few: 

  1. It’s expensive. 

    You might agonize over the expense of ERP software. We completely understand; it’s a huge decision and you don’t want to waste precious resources. What if we told you that organizations that use ERP software for accounting saw a 50% drop in expenses over time (normally 2-3 years)? It’s true. According to G2, ERP software reduces operational costs by 23% and administrative costs by 22%. With ERP software, you would actually save your organization money and have the budget for more passion projects.  

  2. The system will be complicated. 

    Administrators often worry that new software will be overly complex and confusing. We get it; software is complicated, but you’re not alone. Our expert onboarding team includes people who have worked in the public sector in roles like yours: former finance directors, clerks, auditors, payroll specialists, etc. You would be trained by people who speak your language, who can train you until you understand the system and will still be there for you afterward if you have a question. 

  3. You’re afraid to make the wrong choice. 

    If you struggle with whether you will make the right software choice, that's justified! There are so many options out there, bad as well as good. We would know; we’ve been in this industry for over 40 years and have built our software to be adaptive, scalable, and useful. It all comes down to researching ERP software solutions, looking at reviews, and talking with a representative to get all questions answered. Using our software would give you a sense of relief about your decision.  

  4. You’re reluctant to change. 

    Most people don’t like change. Change is hard, and everyone reacts differently to it. But, having successfully trained hundreds of organizations just like yours, we know that people adapt. Not only that – they thrive. Our customer satisfaction rate of 99.5% is a testament to that. With just a little training, you and your staff could enjoy doing your jobs in a different way. 

  5. It will take a long time to implement. 

    Many leaders grapple with time limitations within their organization. We understand that your time is precious, and operations must continue. “Time is money”, right? Ben Franklin also said, “Haste makes waste.” An ideal onboarding process takes time because to succeed, it must be done well. When you and your staff learn the software, you will have improved operations, implemented time-saving processes, and increased efficiency.  

  6. Your current system works well enough.  

    A lot of public agents are bothered by the problems their current systems and processes have but have learned to live with them. We get it! You have a limited budget, don’t want to rock the boat too much, and just want to do what you need to get done. But 95% of organizations achieve major improvements after using ERP by reducing process times, increasing collaboration, and centralizing enterprise data (G2). With our software, you could be doing your job much better and with less headache. 

Now that you know the reasons not to buy ERP software, what are you waiting for

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